• New York

    Feel Good with @WAHLhome Massager

    A great way to relax your muscles is to stretch and get a massage regularly. Circulation is just as important as exercise when it comes to health. A small investment could make a huge difference! I recently tested the Hot Cold Therapy Hand held Massager from Wahl and it was really cool. Easy to use and has 4 different ‘heads’ on it such as smooth, raised bump, ripple and kneading. ¬†With a switch of a button it can be hot (relaxing) and cold (soothing) with 2 intensities.

    This is a good tool to have at home for everyday pain and easy enough to use on yourself to ease tension from everyday stress, sitting at computer or post workout.

    If you want to see this in action, check http://www.wahlhomeproducts.com