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    4 Reasons to watch Obsessed

    This week, me and the Twitter fam went to see Bey’s new movie Obsessed. A lot of people love to talk about how Beyonce can’t act or how she is not an actress. Let me just say this. The primary emotions in this movie she had to portray were ‘angry’ and ‘crazy’. Seeing that she is always poised, always a lady – I am sure Beyonce has a lot of these emotions stored in reserve, if you know what I mean. I liked the movie and the crowd cheers and laughed and cheered and laughed some more. All in all what a movie should be – entertaining!

    Reason #1: Idris Elba

    Reason #2: Learn the fine line between flirting and psychotic

    Reason #3: How to stand your ground even in midst of a fight with someone you love

    Reason #4: The ‘responsible hot dad’ scenes

    Let me know what you think!