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    Comfy and good for you is the NEW SEXY!

    In our humble opinion, women should be able to go topless at the beach and breastfeed in public without being shamed for being over ‘sexualized.’ ⁠ Now we’re saying goodbye to lingerie made of unsustainable, unbreathable synthetics and HELLO to breathable, natural fibers that are comfortable, good for us and good for the planet.

    Why purchase traditional underwear when there’s a better option? There’s now a new standard in intimates. Say hello to Huha Wear. The brand’s mineral underwear is the soothing choice for those with skin sensitivities and for anyone that enjoys a healthier and more sustainable material for their delicate regions.

    The offerings are made with breathable cellulose and super soft tree-derived fabrics with enhanced mineral that is odor-reducing and prevents bacteria growth. And they’re available in modern, fun, and sexy styles! These aren’t your grandma’s bras and panties. Instead, the brand has carved its own niche and are forward-thinkers, steering clear of synthetics and embracing better designs and materials featuring a seam-free gusset infused with soothing zinc oxide.

    The Huha Bra, Tata, is the brand first ever bralette! Cause they’re all ready to say goodbye to underwire forever, this metal-free bra is made from the super soft TENCEL™ Modal x Micro and lined with the zinc-infused, mineral protected liner to keep you fresher, longer.

    This bra is perfect for lounging around the house, working from home, or wearing just about anywhere in 2022 and beyond. It does not have adjustable straps or metal hardware of any kind; the straps are elastic and are graded for width across the size range for the support you need.

    TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers are derived from sustainably managed forests while TENCEL™ Modal x Micro fibers are mainly manufactured from the renewable raw material beech wood, sourced from sustainable forests in Austria and neighboring countries. In addition, smartcel™ sensitive is made from FSC certified wood.

    Machine wash cold, gentle cycle with like colours. Hang to dry.

    Recommend washing with the Undie Wash.

    🌙 Shell: 90% TENCEL™ Modal Micro, 10% Spandex
    🌙 Lining: 88% TENCEL™ Lyocell, 10% Lyocell (smartcel™ sensitive), 2% Spandex

    The Huha Mineral Brief opens a door to ‘under there’ comfort you never knew existed. Made of luxuriously soft TENCEL™ Modal x Micro, this high-rise style is versatile for wearing under high-rise pants, lounging around the house, or wearing to bed.

    Designed to favour your most sensitive regions, the brief is lined with TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers that are unfavourable for bacteria growth. Furthermore, the lining is protected with smartcel™ sensitive, a functional fiber using pharma graded zinc oxide. Together, these sustainable fibres keep you fresher, longer.

    Say goodbye to synthetics that can be harmful to you and the planet and hello to better undercare. Huha is on a mission to empower women through healthy undies that are better for our bodies, allowing us to move through our days unencumbered, breathing easy, and feeling secure.

    Your comfort is Huha‘s top priority. They steer clear of synthetics, and work only with fabrics that breathe, soothe, and keep you feeling cool. In fact, TENCEL™ Lyocell cellulose fibers absorb moisture more efficiently than cotton.