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    The Girl from the Naked Eye

    If you loved the Watchmen, you have to check out The Girl from the Naked Eye. This film is shot in a similar comic book style and the the story involves Sandy and Jake. Jake is on a mission to solve this murder mystery of his friend/more than friends Sandy. The story of the underworld of call girls, king pins and some corrupt policemen and revenge stirs up a tasty story with twists and turns.

    Jason Yee stars in this movie and also was one of the main writers. “The Girl from the Naked Eye” is a stylized thriller/ action/ romance that pays homage specifically to Pulp murder novels & Noir films of the 1940s. Jason Yee is this generation’s Eastwood playing the cool but sympathetic Jake in a story that packs mystery, action and romance in every unexpected corner. Samantha Streets fills the screen with beauty and pathos as Sandy, his doomed love. Ron Yuan (Prison Break, CSI:NY, Entourage) provides comic relief as the foul mouthed pimp Simon whom both Jake and Sandy work for. Rounding out the cast are Dominique Swain (Alpha Dog, Lolita), Gary Stretch (The Heavy, Alexander), Sasha Grey (Girlfriend Experience, Entourage) and Wilson Heredia (Rent).

    This film opens June 15 nationwide.