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    Detox with @KaengRaeng

    Time to shed those winter ‘keep me warm’ extra pounds! Jump start your spring body activation with a 3 day cleanse. Sounds easy but is it?  You can eat fruit and vegetables and is basically a meal replacement. Weekends are the best time to try this.

    Kaeng Raeng Vegan Cleanse  is a product I recently tried. It is very innovative and have 2 ways you can incorporate into your day. 1st, you can put it with water and shake OR you can put it into a smoothie.

    The program is simple and straight forward:  just drink one pouch per meal time (3 times per day) in addition to raw fruits and vegetables.  Simply add one pouch to 24-32oz of liquid.  You can use water, juice, or non-dairy milk.  For best results, just add water.  You can also blend it with liquid, frozen fruit, or ice for a thicker sweeter smoothie.

    There is a DETOX test you can take on the site that will tell you what you should start with.

    Some of the fun facts of why you should do a cleanse:

     -Jumpstart weight loss

    – Remove toxins

    – Bolster immunity

    – Improve digestion

    – Enhance skin and hair quality

    – Relieve bloating

    – Reduce cravings and overeating

    Kaeng Raeng is completely animal free, gluten free, caffeine free, eco friendly, and proudly made in Palo Alto, CA with only local ingredients.  KR contains no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives. KR contains no laxatives or stimulants. Each pouch contains more than a full serving of fruit and fiber, 15g of lean non-gmo protein, 2 billion live probiotic cultures, essential amino acids, and daily vitamins.  It’s gentle, mild, and filling!

    Find out more on https://www.kaengraeng.com