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    Ninja Kitties are hoping to bring hope and positive thoughts to children in 2022 and beyond

    Fox Chapel Publishing is pleased to announce a new character-driven children’s book series and brand: Ninja Kitties. Packed with messages of goodness, kindness, and empathy, the Ninja Kitties—seven royal kitties who transform into ninja kitties to save the day—make their debut this year.

    Fox Chapel Publishing worked closely with award-winning creator Kayomi Harai to introduce an empowering book series for young children. Harai originally envisioned Ninja Kitties to inspire children to believe in their inner strengths.

    The psychology of play was also a key factor during the creation of Ninja Kitties. Brand advisor Sujata Luther, a former EVP of Nickelodeon Consumer Insights, was on the creative board to map out characters and situations that would make a strong impact on children and their families—especially during today’s environment.

    “As kids and parents are navigating today’s complicated and nuanced landscape in their journey through childhood,” says Luther. Ninja Kitties is the perfect stage for teaching valuable life lessons.”

    Fox Chapel Publishing will launch several books in 2022 with more to follow in 2023. I’d love to send you a sneak peek of the books!

    Meet Zumi

    Zumi is the oldest kitty. She is super kind and smart. Zumi is a black belt super ninja, and she can jump super high!

    Sometimes Zumi doesn’t remember to listen. She also wants everything to be perfect. Her brothers and sisters help her remember to listen and include everyone’s ideas.

    This uplifting picture book combines an empowering story with engaging play that teaches kids the valuable lesson of listening to others! Activity pages for kids are included, each themed around working together, from crossword puzzles and word searches to mazes, trivia, and seek-and-find games—plus tons of cool stickers!

    About the Author

    Award-winning professional artist Kayomi Harai worked as a commercial art illustrator and animal portrait artist in her native Japan before moving to California. Known for her watercolor paintings of bright-eyed cats in precarious situations, her lifelike artistry has captivated collectors for years. Her works have been exhibited around the world, and are licensed in collectible plates, figurines, puzzles, t-shirts, prints, posters, and greeting cards.