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    Kanye and Kim’s Little Nori North West

    Nori looks just like her mom Kim Kardashian as a baby?!

    kim kanye babyAfter Kanye showed the pic of Nori on the Kris show this morning, every curious person wants to take a look. Armenian and African American baby is obviously an adorable mix! Even though Kanye talked in his ‘other voice’ today and Twitter is cracking up with #kanyesoundslike …

    CUTE! Libra x Gemini


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    Get @KimKardashian’s Gorgeous Hair!

    Kim Kardashian famously changes up her hair on a regular basis, swapping out one style for the next faster than style bloggers can keep up with. Her deep, rich hair looks so healthy and is styled so flawlessly that Kim is an inspiration to many women. If you lust after Kim K. hair, clip in hair extensions could help you try out her signature styles. These extensions are super easy to use, so you don’t have to spend hour in front of the mirror and they’re secure enough to last all night.

    Kim’s styles begin with her gorgeous dark chocolate brown hair, which may tempt you to turn to the dye bottle to copycat. Even if you choose not to dye your own tresses, you can still get a similar feel in your own natural color.

    Kim’s Waves

    Start with wet hair, then air dry it overnight while you sleep. This gives you some slight natural curl to start with, plus it’s easier to curl hair that dried naturally than hair that was blown dry. Apply a heat protectant or some argan oil to your locks to protect them while you curl so they’ll shine like Kim’s. Using a curling iron, wrap one or two inch sections around the barrel in a spiral fashion to achieve a Kim-like curl. Once those curls cool, spritz on a bit of hairspray to hold them. Wear your locks down or style them in a classic Kardashian-style half-updo.

    Elegant Updo

    Kim also goes in for elegant updos when she needs to look chic on the red carpet. If you don’t have a lot of length, look for clip-in hair extensions in the same shade as your real hair. Human hair extensions are a must if you want to copy Kim’s style. Kim often wears ringlets of hair around her face to frame her features and accentuate her makeup, so leave a little hair loose on either side of your face. Attach the hair extension using the clips, then pull up into a knot, bun or French twist–three of Kim’s fave updos. For a twist, braid the hair before pinning it up.

    Kim Kardashian is a true style icon, not least because she’s unafraid to shake up her look and try on new trends. When it comes to hair, what other celeb styles are you loving right now?

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    Waterdown Your Look for Love?

    I know this happens to so many girls once they get into relationships.  They change their look and water down their make up and style because of their new change in status.  Why do girls do this?  I have a few theories.  One, guys generation don’t like make up on girls. Not a lot and not when it comes off on their clothes/towels.  Two, by watering down your look, you attract less attention from other guys which could mean less opportunities for fights or arguments. Three, you love your boyfriend so you want to do what makes him happy.

    Case in point. Kim Kardashian

    Pre Kanye (hair done, nails done, everything did, sexy outfit, fake lashes, push up bra, hot shoes)

    With Kanye (no more hair extensions, no more fake lashes, minimal make up, modest outfit, demure shoes)

    Katie Holmes

    Pre Tom (fun, carefree, happy, wearing heels)

    With Tom (way too old looking, minimal make up, stressed)


    We are not the only females that do this..

    The browny gray female and the flashy opulent male

    The brown female and emerald green male.

     What do you think?

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    Kanye West Presents Short Film at Cannes Film Festival

    Is Kanye for real right now? After the embarrassment from last season’s Paris Fashion Week, I guess he’s lost all his marbles. I mean, this is Cannes. It’s not a place to drop your next music video. You might have better luck co-producing in a Steve Harvey movie.

    On May 23 Kanye West featured his premiere and brought along his barbie-doll eye candy Kim Kardashian. It’s called ‘Cruel Summer’, inspired by his 2010 album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. It’s not really about anything terribly inspiring, but the really cool part is the fact that this is a “seven-screen-experience.” Does anyone know what he’s talking about?

    I must say, the whole seven screen situation was sort of cool. The music was dope and I wanted to jump out of my seat and start dancing. It’s like an extended music video stretched along a bunch of screens (I was sort of expecting to watch the same movie happen on seven screens, oops). I’m not sure how noteworthy this is in film-making, but it makes a great commercial for more of Kanye’s self-promotions.

    The public screening was held like a million miles away from the Palais, at the Palm Beach Casino on the coast. I guess Kanye didn’t want to brush up too close to the rest of the cast and crew attending the real selection at Cannes Film Festival.

    Xoxo, @missamandachen

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