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    Kite Beauty – Makeup designed for busy people and tiny bags

    With holiday season right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking of ways to look your best while on the go. Kite Beauty has the perfect solution with your new TSA-friendly, go anywhere glow-up travel essential: On the Glow Concealer!

    Kite Beauty is here with the perfect stocking stuffer to make sure you and your loved ones look their best and travel lighter this holiday season! AAPI female founded by Nina Liu, Kite’s goal is to become the ultimate convenience beauty company by taking the stress and hassle out of beauty for those with busy lifestyles and tiny purses.

    SHADE MATCH GUARANTEE:  Kite knows shopping for makeup online is scary – if you order one shade and it doesn’t match, just email them and they will send you one different shade for free.

    WHAT’S IN IT: Six (6) individual pods of formula in a super cute, business card-sized box, optimized for portability. Kite concealer is medium coverage, natural finish, and formulated for versatility, so it can also be used as your full-face foundation, contour, or highlight in a pinch.

    WHY YOU NEED IT: Treat Kite like your go-anywhere glow-up. Stash a whole pack or individual pod in each of your bags, drawers, cars, pockets, or bras (no judging 😜!) in case of makeup emergency.

    WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: Kite proprietary formula is designed to build and blend seamlessly into bare skin or existing makeup, smoothing the appearance of all the worry lines, dark circles, or surprise pimples that seem to arise at the worst possible moment in the day.

    Kite is dedicated to making the lives easier of busy people everywhere – to the tired moms, stressed students, weekend warriors, boss ladies, and everyone in between. The super cute, business card-sized box with 6 pods of formula is specifically designed for optimized portability and formulated to build and blend seamlessly into bare skin or existing makeup. Smooth the appearance of worry lines, dark circles, and surprise pimples that arise throughout the travel day with the versatile product that can also be used as contour or highlighter in a pinch!