• New York

    #PlayJScream Korean Ice Cream Truck in NYC

    I am so excited that there is a new ice cream truck in town!

    It literally opened this weekend and I went twice already. Yay!  Play-J Scream brings Myeongdong to Manhattan!!  So happy that SOMEONE heard my prayers to the snack deity to bring Korean Ice Cream to NYC finally!! (I actually dreamt of Match soft serve) but this is just as good. Opps ate it before I could take a pic. So I had to go back again today with Tai to get 2 and get pics.  Put them together to make a heart!

    I was walking in Soho with my dog when I saw a friendly face and holding 2 J shaped corn pop cones with vanilla soft serve. I immediately when to the closed ATM to get $4 cash to get one! I got the double, which is Chocolate on one end and Vanilla on the other. I loved walking down Broadway eating it and so many people was like WHAT is that.

    So happy that they are yummy and here for the summer. I am going to stalk them on Instagram everyday to see their location next.

    @playjscream on Instagram