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    Wedding Season Wonders

    It’s that time again: Wedding Season. Stumped on a gift for all the Brides-to-be in your life or the perfect fragrance for your own celebration of love?  Turn to Krigler Perfumes for elegant and romantic fragrances bound to catch the groom’s attention on the big day and all of their days together that follow.

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    • Pleasure Gardenia 79 has a delicate base of jasmine, vanilla and mimosa that meets a mix of musc and Gardenia petals. It is an intensely feminine and floral perfume that is voluptuous and alluring, drawing all eyes to you.


    • Manhattan Rose 44 is clean and sheer, warm and sexy and most definitely impossible to resist. One of the most romantic fragrances in the world, it is created with touches of violet, aldehydes, musc and Cyprus and is a beautiful and poetic gift for a bride (specifically one who calls the Big Apple home)


    • Extraordinaire Camelia 209 is meant to declare the perfect love while recognizing an ideal relationship and was created to celebrate Krigler’s 105th anniversary. Bourbon Vanilla, Musc de Baur and cedar are combined with Camelia flowers, which in the language of flowers symbolizes excellence and pride making this scent perfect for any celebration of love.


    More information you can check via http://www.krigler.com/.

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    New Must Have Scent: Krigler – Champfleury 132.

    Albert Krigler first started blending perfumes with the rarest ingredients from all over the world in 1904.  The legendary perfume house continues to live on through Albert Krigler’s great-great-grandson, Ben Krigler.


    Champfleury 132 was first launched by Albert Krigler in 1913 and now Ben Krigler has revived this much-loved perfume for the modern age. “It is a truly timeless fragrance that never loses its charm, so I’m thrilled to bring it back and recreate a piece of my great-great-grandfather’s legacy,” says Ben Krigler.

    The fresh and energetic notes of the fragrance pay homage to Champagne, France, the lush and magical place that creator, Albert Krigler, fell in love with throughout his travel in Europe.  This timeless scent is a refreshing combination of citrus notes with a sophisticated woody finish.

    Where to Purchase: www.krigler.comThe Plaza Hotel One West 58th Street NY, NY

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    Signature Scent Combination from @KriglerPerfume

    Your signature scent tells a story about who you are. With so many perfumes out there, it is really hard to find one to call your own that no one else has. Department stores with rows of perfumes and fragrance houses just pumping more out everyday.  Finally there is a new product by Krigler that will help solve this dilemma. They are expertly crafted perfumes with a unique number. You can use these numbers to match with a birthday, anniversary or lucky number.

    Each of these 25 fragrances is unisex, and can be layered over to create a truly one-of-a-kind scent.


    • Pleasure Gardenia 79
    • Subtle Orchid 10
    • Good Fir 11
    • Chateau Krigler 12
    • Lieber Gustav 14
    • Mediterranean Peach 15
    • English Promenade 19
    • Sparkling Diamond 22
    • Blue Escapade 24
    • Relaxing Verbena 29
    • Juicy Jasmine 30
    • America One 31
    • Dolce Tuberose 43
    • Manhattan Rose 44
    • Lovely Patchouli 55 Classic
    • Lovely Patchouli 55 Night
    • Established Cognac 66
    • Cosy Cedar Wood 72
    • Oud for Highness 75
    • Oud Azur 75212
    • Extraordinaire Camelia ²09
    • Jazzy Riviera ²10
    • Splendid Gold ²11
    • Ultra Chateau Krigler ²12
    • TopazeImperiale²13

    Which one would you try?