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    Heydoyou Blogger LULU Hosted Fashion Illustration Event With LANYU Fashion

    Lulu hosted a fashion illustration event at LANYU New York Studio at Saint Patrick’s Day, March 10th. All the attendees wore green color outfits to enjoy the great moment at LANYU’s fashion space at Flatiron in Manhattan, New York.

    Lulu is a fashion illustrator living in New York, she works for Heydoyou.com as editor and illustrator for almost 3 years. She loves art and fashion. After she graduated from Fashion Institute of Technology, she started her career as a professional illustrator and blogger. Her past clients includes Euro Star, New York Fashion Week, Taoray Wang, Di Lusso, China National Radio, Joe’s Pizza, Angelika Theater and so on. She loves capturing the beautiful moments in the life and putting them on the paper!

    All the people who was invited to the event had the opportunity to be illustrated a live sketch by Lulu at the event. Lulu has been working at New York Fashion Week to draw live sketches for different designers for three years. She could draw a live sketch portrait in 3 minutes! Is that amazing?!

    About LANYU:

    LANYU is the namesake brand of China’s premiere luxury designer Lan Yu. Lan Yu’s design often incorporates Su embroidery – a traditional technique that has been handed down for generations in the designer’s family and is best known forits elegance, intricacy and photorealistic quality. LANYU was founded in 2005 and has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Paris, and New York.

    If you would love to know more information please check out Lulu’s website: qululululu.com and LANYU official: lanyu.com.