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    1,750 ft “Walkable Art” Installation by Artist, Tyler Ramsey – Wynn Las Vegas

    Los Angeles-based Artist, TYLER RAMSEY is currently premiering his latest art work, a 1,750 foot long walkable mural at the Wynn in Las Vegas! Each section of the half mile artwork captures a different creative and exemplifies Tyler’s style but also embraces the vibrance and thrill that is unique to Las Vegas.

    Tyler really dove into being an Artist about 15-years ago when he took the leap to leave the entertainment business as a producer and paint full-time. He sold out his very first art show, and since, has been coined the “most interesting man in [art]”. He has created works for celebrities that include the likes of Clint Eastwood, Gary Sinise, Bill Clinton, and many others. His work is also featured at the Santa Barbara Art Museum and can also be found throughout LA on billboards as well as his famed- Ferrari cars at Art Basel.

    To continue his history of unique art pieces, he is now premiering his new “walkable” art installation at the Wynn in Las Vegas. The project was uniquely conceptualized and has quickly become a ‘must-see’ for visitors and locals alike. His next step…Art Basel.


    “Life should be lived in color”

    Electric, enigmatic, and energetic are just a few words to describe LA-based artist Tyler Ramsey.

    Best known for his bright abstract paintings, interactive performance art and unique installations, Ramsey doesn’t just tread the water. He makes a splash. Once dubbed “the most interesting man in the [art] world,” by Argonaut Magazine, Ramsey started his art career with a sell-out show over 15 years ago.

    He creates bold visual narratives in his art using a technique he developed that focuses on painting without a paint brush. Layers of pure oil and acrylic paint are splashed onto canvases, both traditional and unconventional, by hand. This technique, now taught at a number of California art classes, shows the dynamic depth of Ramsey’s personality. Chaotic and bright. Striking and determined.

    Not one to stick to a single genre of art, Ramsey has taken his technique beyond a simple canvas. As the resident artist for TOMS Shoes, Ramsey launched his own design line with the brand and hand painted nearly 100,000 collectable shoes. His work can be found on billboards around L.A., on Ferrari cars at Art Basel and many more uniquely wonderful places.

    He travels extensively and has showcased his art in a number of corners around the world; from Liberia to Malaysia and Peru to Norway.

    Ramsey is currently the artist in residence at Control Collective in Mar Vista, CA where he lives with his wife Jacqueline and two children, River and Violet.

    Notable owners of Ramsey artwork include Bill Clinton, Ban Ki Moon, Santa Barbara Art Museum, ORU, Clint Eastwood, Gary Senise, Peter Farrell, Kevin Farley, Blake Mycoskie, amongst others.

    For more information, please visit: https://www.ramseyart.com/, Instagram: @RamseyArt