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    Why I love it: Faking it!

    I tried Lashem-Measurable Difference Lash Gel a couple times here and there, when Yvonne first introduced me to it. Since then, I’ve been using it religiously for almost three months, and it has become to me, what brow pencil is; to the girls that like to draw on their own eyebrows… Needless to say I love it. In fact, I love it even more ever since the Nella Bella F/W11 event, where when one of my friends asked if I was wearing false lashes or extensions…I had to laugh, before confessing about how I pretty much o.d on this stuff (lashem).

    before Lashem… what eyelashes?

    3 months in… WHOA LASHES!

    I think false lashes look great, and have spent many seconds oohing and aahing through magazines at all the varieties. However, they are not for me…I’ve worn false lashes once in my life, and Yvonne had to put them on for me. I just don’t get the whole thing, they feel heavy on my eyes, putting them on is tedious (for me anyway lol), and I can’t get past the paranoia of one or both of them popping off while I’m in the middle of a conversation. So Lashem it is. Quick and easy, no-fuss, beautiful lashes! Winner.

    You can always count on Y.K to put you on to that good good!

    peace, love and health


    click here for a 30-day sample!

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    Lashem Measurable Difference Lash Gel

    Big Lashes are a Big Deal!  Everywhere you go,celebs are batting their lashes at you and they are not just for Halloween anymore.  In Hong Kong, Japan and Korea, it has always been a big deal and everyone always wore lashes. The crazy has now really hit North America!

    Lashem is the only lash gel that is 97% natural with a cocktail of ingredients you can pronounce and eat! Cucumber, gogi berry, cranberry, green tea, grapeseed extract, wheat protein etc.. The 3% that is not natural is the necessary preservatives so that the formula remains stable and does not mold.

    After seeing it at Miss Universe, Emmy Awards, Toronto International Film Fest and various parties and blogs, I knew this product was legit. I have been using it!  So far I have seen my lashes curl more than lengthen but it has only been 1 week. I keep forgeting to put it on but it by my contact lens case now so that I remember  to do it before I go to bed.  I wanted to try these products and have seen prices all across the board. Lashem retails for $49.99 so it’s equal to 3 bad movies.. and I have seen 3 bad movies already ha ha…  You can wear false lashes all day everyday, but make sure you nourish and restore your natural ones too!

    If you want to try it! Just go to http://lashem.bigcartel.com/ or http://www.lashem.com/

    Let me know what you think!

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    My Beauty Secret

    Thank you to everyone who came to My Beauty Secrets by Lashem! Hot pink was definitely the color of the event!  
    See more photos here

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    My Beauty Secrets by Lashem

    On Sunday, we had an exciting Sunday morning brunching at the Abbey for the launch of Lashem! Here I am testing out to the step and repeat wall…

    The food was beyond divine and had all the ingredients that we have in Lashem!
    Cucumber, Goji Berries, Cranberry, Grape Seed and Green Tea
    We had @GregoryGorgeous in the house!
    The wonderful thing about LA is diversity! We had a mix of beauty queens, fashion students, industry mavens, youtube celebs and some ‘FBI-looking guys’ as Shannae would say.
    Jamaal Buster – Eyelash guru to the stars + his beautiful friends!
    This is how we do! more coming soon!

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    Emmy Gifting Suite

    This past weekend has been a whirlwind of fun! Shay Shay and GG came to LA to visit me and we were Gold Sponsors at the Secret Room gifting suite for the Emmy Awards weekend. 

    June Ning and Jillian Clare

    Stars and Stylists came by and got free stuff and it was really fun!  We got to see all the different exhibitors who were there. We were there representing LASHEM – Measurable Difference Lash Gel! 

    Here are some pics.. more to come.
    Naturi Naughton from Lottery Ticket! Love her to bits!

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