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    Valentine’s Day | Browmance & Bon Bons? Yes, please!

    Here is a perfect last minute Valentine’s Day Gift Idea. LaTweez – they have a special Valentine’s Day item which launched exclusively for the holiday!  The limited-edition LOVE Illuminating Tweezers can make a great pamper gift for your partner, or an even better Browmance treat for yourself! They feature LaTweez’s signature illuminating design and a red Swarovski crystal button.


    You deserve some love this Valentine’s Day–and so do your brows! If you’re planning a little “you” time, don’t just limit that to a night in with face masks and nail polish. Your eyebrows are just as worthy of your attention as your skin and nails, and with LaTweez’s limited edition LOVE Pro Illuminating Tweezers there’s no better way to show your brows a little love all year round. BETTER THAN A BOX OF CHOCOLATES The LOVE Pro Illuminating Tweezers are the perfect something special to give yourself or to someone you love (who loves their brows) this Valentine’s Day. Unlike your typical tweezers, LaTweez’s LOVE Pro Illuminating Tweezers are designed to keep you coming back for more. Made with high quality materials like stainless steel and exciting, industry-changing technology like their signature illuminating design, LaTweez’s limited edition tweezers will make sure your browmance goes the distance. Plus, with a red Swarovski crystal button and adorable heart-shaped packaging, just looking at these tweezers will make your heart skip a beat.

    DON’T LET YOUR LOVE FADE AWAY While LaTweez’s LOVE Pro Illuminating Tweezers are the perfect gift to give yourself a little browmance all year round, that doesn’t mean they’ll wait around for you forever. These tweezers are a limited edition item, so get them while they’re still on the market–literally! And, when you’re ready to make your move, the LOVE Pro Illuminating Tweezers are available for $18 at www.latweez.com.