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    Glow Leash Giveaway @DogeGlow for Black Dogs ONLY

    I grew up with a black lab cross called Bew Bew and I loved him so much! He had beautiful shiny black fur with dark chocolate colored eyes. I had him from grade 6 til I graduated from college.  So I am doing a very special giveaway today in his memory.  I recently read an article about how black dogs are abandoned, least likely to be adopted and generally illicit the most ‘fear’ from strangers. That made me so sad that I want to make this special giveaway to only BLACK dogs. I am showing them special love because they totally deserve it. Your dog does not have to be 100% black to win this giveaway. They have to be dark or have some black in them.

    Dog E Glow collars and leashes have LED lights in them that are especially helpful for dark coated dogs at night for safety and visibility. Every dog that goes on walks can benefit from the DogEGlow leash and collar set but dark dogs NEED it. It is soooooo dangerous when a car or your owner cannot see you in a huge dark field or at the park.

    They come in over 16 designs.

    –          Collars & leashes illuminate their entire length and are seen up to 1,000 feet away for maximum visibility

    –          Collars come in medium and large sizes with all leashes 6 feet in length. Harness sizes and coming soon in 2013.

    –          Collar and leash lights are visible when turned on in a steady, flashing or off mode

    –          All products contain batteries that last up to 150 hours of use

    –          ALL of the Dog-E-Glow products are:


    Lightweight and highly durable

      Weather resistant

      Made of high quality nylon sewn around (100,000 Hour) LED bulbs


    Jacob will help me select the winners when he wakes up.

    Today I am giving away the Dots Leash (6ft) and Dots Collar (Large) and the Fishbone Leash (6ft) and Fishbone Collar (Large). There will be 2 winners in total.

    Good luck, please enter below:
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