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    Life’s better with Jarlsberg

    Regardless of what you’re cooking; if it’s great with cheese, it will be even better with Jarlsberg. Jarlsberg® has grown in popularity since its international launch. It’s success lies in the secret recipe used to manufacture the cheese, the people who make it and their pride in always delivering a product with the same consistent high quality and unique taste.

    Jarlsberg production has been exporting Jarlsberg® for over 50 years; so more and more people around the world are discovering its delicious mild, nutty flavour. To keep up with the growing demand, the team now has two state-of-the-art diaries in the USA and Ireland – both countries know a thing or two about exceptional dairy and eco-friendly farming. And they’ve been making unmistakably tasty Jarlsberg® for years.

    Famous around the world for its mild and nutty taste, Jarlsberg is a subtle yet versatile cheese that brings premium taste to any occasion. Slice it on your sandwich, melt it on your burger, pair it with truffle for gourmet mac-n-cheese, or pour it over bread and apples for a fun night of fondue.

    Jarlsberg® melts beautifully, which makes it the perfect cheese for gratins, pies, pizzas, burgers, quesadillas and grilled cheese sandwiches. What’s your favorite melted Jarlsberg® dish? Here are some recipes to suggest how can you enjoy your Jarlsberg.

    Rye bread with Jarlsberg® and strawberries

    Jarlsberg® blings with avocadoes and strawberries is the perfect lunch when you want something nutty and sweet. This is how you do it: Butter two slices of rye bread and top with the baby salad leaves. Slice the avocado and arrange on top of the salad. Add plenty of Jarlsberg® and top with sliced strawberries, a grind of pepper and some basil.

    Baked eggs with Jarlsberg®

    Baked eggs is a super simple breakfast, made even better with Jarlsberg®. Just grease a muffin tin with some butter, add a slice of ham and Jarlsberg® cheese, crack an egg and sprinkle some more cheese on top. Season with salt, pepper and herbs and bake in the oven at 180 °C/356 °F for 15-30 minutes depending on how soft or hard you prefer your eggs. Enjoy!

    Toast with Jarlsberg®

    Are you a toast lover? Jarlsberg is the perfect partner in indulge your passion for that crunchy medium. Here are four delicious examples to try with the family, friends or just for you!

    Jarlsberg® Easy Fondue

    A recipe cozy enough for date-night, and delectable enough for a night in with good friends. Boil the white wine and mix the grated cheese to make a smooth sauce. Pour the cheese sauce inside a heat-proof bowl, or create your own bread bowl to ladle in your ooey-gooey goodness. Dip in your favorite pairings, and enjoy! We recommend apples or slices of toasted bread.

    Did you know that Jarlsberg® is naturally lactose-free? For anyone who drinks little milk, it can be difficult to get enough important nutrients. Many people who are lactose-intolerant are not aware that they can eat cheese. For them, cheese can be a valuable source of iodine and calcium. Not everyone can eat everything. As a naturally gluten and lactose-free cheese, Jarlsberg adheres to even the most stubborn dietary restrictions without compromising flavor.