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    Is a vegetarian hot dog a sandwich?

    Whether you think it’s a crime to put ketchup on a hot dog or not, what’s under the condiments looks different these days with a growing number of Americans identifying as vegetarians or flexitarians.  

    Lightlife Smart Dogs is the #1 selling plant-based hotdog in the US!

    Smart Dogs® offer up all the juicy flavor you love. Fire up the grill, top with your favorite condiments, and enjoy the ultimate summertime classic.

    Juicy and delicious and simple to serve. Each one is a delicious new chance to eat smart and feel great. Smart Dogs have added No Preservatives.

    For food safety and quality: Important! Smart Dogs® cook quickly, do not overcook.
    Keep refrigerated.
    Use within 3-5 days of opening.
    Grill: Lightly coat grill with oil; preheat on medium. Grill dogs 6-7 minutes, turning frequently. Do not overcook.
    Stove top: Boil water; turn off heat and place dogs in water for 2 minutes.
    Microwave (1,100 watts): Heat 1 or 2 dogs on high in covered dish with 1/2 cup warm water 45 seconds – 1 minute.

    About Lightlife:

    2019 marks Lightlife’s 40th anniversary. Lightlife is proud to say that since planting their roots in a small town in Western Massachusetts in 1979, they’ve grown into one of North America’s largest plant-based protein brands—and they’re just getting started.

    As the plant-based protein pioneer, Lightlife believes in making Food That Shines™. That means better-tasting, easy-to-prep, plant-based proteins that give you positive energy you can feel good about.

    Lightlife is here to make the journey to a better you more enjoyable. And here’s the best part: the journey starts with just one bite.