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    French Kiss My @GlitzyLips

    Eye-popping lip foil designs won’t fade, flake or foul for 8 Hours!. Flirt, kiss, sip, dance and dip. ~Lips That POP Make the Party ROCK!™

    I am super into these!  I first saw these at the Makeup Show in NYC and was blown away! A better version of Violent Lips in my opinion but the same concept.  Just as traditional nail polish is to the new strips and decals – so is Lipstick and lip gloss to these kinds of ‘lip tattoos’.

    I love them! At $29.99 each make sure it’s a special occasion when you wear them.

    HOW TO APPLY GlitzyLips™
    Start with clean dry lips free of lip stick or gloss.
    Measure LipFoil so that you have enough to create the perfect pout.(top/bottom)

    Shake GlitzyLips™ Adhesive . Start with lips in the AHHH position and slightly stretched into a smile .
    Apply liberally to the lips leaving a blueish/white appearance.

    When GlitzyLips™ Adhesive has dried to a clear state, apply LipFoil to slightly parted lips, smoothing over foil to ensure good
    surface contact. Be sure to apply LipFoil to the lip you applied adhesive to first.

    Quickly remove LipFoil from one side to the other. Repeat to complete your perfect pout.

    Party Girl Lips! · http://www.GlitzyLips.com