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    Bitty Style: Back to School with ATM Packs

     Did you know that Spanish is the most spoken language aside from English in the USA?

    I love this lunch bag from Hablando Sola. I had my mini friend, who is learning Spanish, join me for a drawing/lunch date. I tutor her during the school year, and was excited to show her this cool bag which we will be using for after school snacks when I pick her up.


    Hablando Sola translates to “Talking to myself.” The creator,Daniela Rivera Zacarias, created “Dany”,  a very simple, yet expressive girl, who constantly talks to herself, questioning the most important aspects of life.


    I explained to my mini friend what Hablando Sola meant, and about Dany and why she talks to herself. We wondered about what Dany may be questioning. I asked her to think about what Dany would question if she lived here in NYC. Amazingly enough, with that alone, I noticed in the days following her visit, she was asking more questions. Sometimes we need to make special one-on-one time with our minis, especially our girls, so we can aide them in building the confidence they will need.

    Companies like Hablando Sola, are not just cute….they are conscious in helping kids create their own voice, in what ever language they chose!

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