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    Lupe Fiasco

    Lupe threw a free concert in Williamsburg Brooklyn last night and the line ups wrapped the block twice.  The Music Hall aka the WalMart Soundcheck was the perfect mixture of art deco and serious rock and roll. Met up with some friends from home, some friends from NY and had a great time.  The energy in the crowd was crazy and we really rocked out 🙂  As usual, there are always a few in the beautiful dynamic crowd who are cute, clever and now…. connected!


    More pix here!

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    Nikki Jean signs with SONY

    First of all, I lOVE this chick… I have been following her YouTube channel from the beginning! The first one where she opens the Lupe album in her car and starts crying when her part come on… through her move, touring with yeezee, how she does her hair, her dinner parties, me emailing her about her dope earrings to her replying to me cuz she rocks… anyway congrats girl! You are amazing, aspirational and beautiful inside and out! Enjoy your sweet puppy and all the best in 2009!

    I really fell in love with how real she is when i first saw this video… Like Nikki Jean says, focus on that positive energy and who knows where life takes you