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    New Beginnings – Jesse Jones

    We are so proud of our good friend Mr. Jesse Jones and want to take this moment to wish him the best of luck with his new endeavours; banner label TEN81 and U-ology 101, his newest initiative for empowering youth.

    Many of us know Jesse from the Marc Ecko Sylus DJ Awards as the man responsible for brand management of three of Timex Group Canada Inc.’s brands; TX, Marc Ecko & Nautica Watches.

    In late 2009 Jesse officially launched a division of the Jones & Jones Group called TEN81, which helps brands truly connect with their consumers through non-traditional strategies involving lifestyle based marketing initiatives. TEN81 is also home to the U-ology 101 Project due to launch February 2011.

    U-ology 101 3 KEYS:

    1: Uncover It
    Study yourself closely to identify all of the things you are passionate about

    2. Talk About It
    Communicate your interests and passions to those who’ve made a career out of what you love

    3. Be About It
    Create opportunities to showcase & refine your talents

    Our love and support goes out to Jesse and all his works, we believe in your passion to become  more and help others to reach their fullest potentials! Cheers to you!

    To book a U-ology 101 presentation contact:


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    Marc Ecko Muse – Lyndsay Lohan

    This is by-FAR one of the most incredible advertising approaches I’ve ever seen… After studying Advertising for three years at Sheridan, I developed a weird interest in new, odd & … advertising methods and Marc Ecko’s newest marceckomuse.com campaign has definitely caught my attention.

    A holographic Lyndsay Lohan literally enters the room via your web cam!!! Augmented Reality (AR) web technology creates a “multi-dimensional, interactive experience” using a GLYPH marking (tracking code). This GLYPH mark has been printed on all of Marc Ecko Cut & Sew 2010 marketing material including look books, catalogues & the campaign website. Once logged on to the site & the GLYPH mark is flashed in front of a webcam… the ‘digital muse’ (Lohan) appears as a holographic advertisement!!! CRAZYYY!!!!

    Ecko built this campaign based on the theory that humans have 8 advanced emotions such as, trust, fear, love and expanded on it… when the user clicks on one of these emotions the hologram of Lyndsay Lohan appears and acts out that emotion. I’m gonna get into it & see if I can make this work, so stay tuned, I’ll keep you posted within the next week.

    Video Courtesy of youtube.com

    For Marc Ecko Cut & Sew Click HERE

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    Ecko Watches for the Ladies

    October 20, 2009 Toronto, ON – Announced today, Marc Ecko Watches
    will offer ladies product for the first time ever in Canada just in time for the
    holiday season!

    Marc Ecko Watches will launch into the Canadian ladies’ market with The
    Prestige (both black IP and all gold models). Launching exclusively at Marc
    Ecko and WATCH-It stores nationwide, Marc Ecko Watches will release a
    limited number of The Prestige models across Canada.
    “We’ve been really successful with the men’s market here in Canada. However
    women began sporting the men’s watches last season, and taking a
    liking to them as well. They were such a hit!” says Jesse Jones, Brand
    Manager for Marc Ecko Watches. “So, this season, we wanted to bring in an
    exclusive style for the ladies as we begin to make our way into the women’s
    watch category across Canada.”

    Styles will be available at Marc Ecko and WATCH-It stores across Canada.

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    Fall back into Style

    Marc Ecko Watches makes its way north of the border.
    Luxurious & prestigious timepieces precise match as we fall back into style this season.
    — Featuring lavish and unique design
    coalesced with remarkable functionality, Marc Ecko Watches’ iconic new W08 collection are a precise match with this Fall season. The passionate obsession for art, fashion and culture is the inspiration behind Ecko’s complex and skillfully crafted masterpieces of timekeeping. Released for the first time ever to the Canadian public, Marc Ecko Watches are available this fall north of the border. A few styles to expect from Marc Ecko Watches this FW08 season include: The King Box Set¹: Combines throwback elegance with a touch of new wrist wear flash. The King Box Set features a bold polished silver case and bracelet. White Swarovski crystals ice the blue textured dial, bezel and first links of the bracelet. The timepiece also offers a slimmer link band for modification appeal.

    The Vice²: A 48mm stainless steel casing and tasteful row of Swarovski crystals houses the intricate multi-layered dials making The Vice ideal for every day style and every night out on the town. This piece features a mini sweep with dual time zone, and silver dial with rose gold accents.

    The Daydream³: Offers a delicate balance of modern form and precision functionality. A refined row of oversized Swarovski crystals encircles the face displaying chronograph, date and applied markers making The Daydream every man’s fantasy. Other features include: a black textured dial with silver accents, polished silver case with crystals on bezel, with silver and black rubber bracelet.

    Marc Ecko continues to bring his original and relevant design aesthetic to the wrists of a worldwide fan base. The global brand already has A-list celebrities sporting the product including: Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge (The Hills), Eva Pigford (America’s Next Top Model), Adrian Grenier (Entourage), Morgan Freeman, 50 Cent, Jamie Kennedy, and the band members of AFI.