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    Who’s that Olsen?

    Olsen sisters

    They’re calling her the IT Girl of this year’s Sundance Festival, debuting two films in the festival; ‘Silent House’ & ‘Martha Marcy May Marlene’. Younger sister of Mary Kate & Ashley, Elizabeth Olsen has fallen out of what seems like no nowhere… but is making big news. Currently studying at NYU, the theater major is also breaking into the industry with roles uncommon to the ‘new’ Hollywood actress.  The highly talked about Martha Marcy May Marlene is a psychological thriller about a young woman trying to escape the life and memories of a cult. In Silent House, Olsen plays the role of a young woman who is taken prisoner in her family’s haunted house.

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    Faux Fur

    I love faux fur! It’s the best way to up the ante for a regular outfit and add some wildness into your wardrobe. There is just something so caveman sexy about it 🙂 Right now, the craze of course is vests. So get your furry on! Always match this with something tight or a belt of some sort and always heels! Or else you might look like a Snuffaluffagous. We dont want that. Fur vests are luxurious, great for nights out and a MUST for fall. It’s all about layering.

    Janice & I at Destiny

    See how MK&A does it!

    and here how im gonna wear it…

    Tuesday for Lunch
    Tuesday for Lunch by heydoyou featuring Alexander McQueen shoes

    See how Rih Rih does it!