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    Stop Getting BURNED by Big Mouthwash, The New Age of Dental Products Has Arrived!

    Self care is giving the world the best of you instead of what’s left of you. Many of the traditional mouthwashes contain alcohols that dry out and burn your mouth, parabens that have been linked to cancer and other 20-syllable ingredients that are likely to be associated with diseases in the future. Thankfully, you can trust Elementa’s 5 simple ingredients, making our mouth rinse natural, safe and effective. Switch to a better, safer mouth rinse today at ElementaSilver.com.

    The most advanced oral care of all time – this dentist-formulated mouth rinse is optimized to deliver the best possible oral hygiene to penetrate your plaque. Elementa Silver uses cutting-edge Nano Silver technology to bust through your plaque barrier and neutralize oral acid! These patent-pending, plant-based, Nano Silver particles also target bacteria that emit sulfur gas and cause bad breath. This revolutionary, non-burning, oral care delivers much-needed calcium and Xylitol directly to your teeth. Specially formulated to be alkaline, Elementa assists in immediately neutralizing cavity-causing acid. This natural solution is lab tested to remineralize 2.39X* faster than fluoride while maintaining an alkaline pH.

    Elementa Nanosilver was formulated by three frustrated dentists who were tired of sending their patients home with subpar tools to fight cavities and bad breath in between visits. Here’s a message from them: “Every single day we as dentists assist multiple patients who, despite their best efforts, cannot brush, floss and rinse enough to prevent their chronic cavities. This was hard for us because we legitimately want to help our patients but when there is nothing on the market that will help their problems, it’s defeating. We came together as a team to create an actual solution to oral issues not being addressed at all by current products on the market.”

    Elementa Mouthwash

    Research suggests that an acidic mouth disrupts the body’s natural remineralization process. This means that calcium that would normally be delivered to teeth is lost. Most mouthwashes do exactly that- they make the mouth highly acidic in an effort to eliminate bacteria. Along those same lines, most alcohol free mouthwash does not take into account oral ph balance.

    Nanosilver rinse balances mouth ph to encourage natural remineralization to return. This colloidal silver mouthwash does so with plant based ingredients that are gentle on the teeth, and completely alcohol and fluoride free.

    Elementa Silver Kids Rinse

    Parents are always on the lookout for better ways to encourage healthier teeth and gums for their kids. Brushing and flossing are great when it comes to preventing tooth decay and gum disease, but you should consider adding mouth rinse as part of their full oral hygiene routine.

    Elementa Silver Kids Rinse is a kid-friendly oral care product that’s dentist formulated. This kids mouthwash is optimized to deliver the best possible oral hygiene by boosting the effects of flossing and brushing. It uses a patent-pending, cutting edge, Nano-Silver technology that’s designed to penetrate the plaque and neutralize the oral pH. By delivering much-needed minerals such as Calcium directly to your child’s teeth, the xylitol mouthwash can eliminate harmful bacteria that causes bad breath as well as soothes dry mouth by increasing salivary flow.

    This alcohol-free mouthwash ensures that your child’s mouth feels as fresh as it is clean, all without having to experience the burning sensation of competitor brands. It’s also completely fluoride-free so your child will be free of the risk of fluorosis, a damaging condition that causes spots and streaks to appear on teeth. Plus, it comes in 4 delicious flavors that both you and your kid will love. It’s the all-in-one solution for total dental hygiene!

    Dentists agree that if you mouth has higher quality saliva, an alkaline PH, and plenty of calcium, your risk factors for biofilm imbalance can be severely reduced. Patent pending BFP nanotechnology, combined with the power of xylitol can help to get calcium through the plaque to ensure more of it reaches where it’s needed: your teeth!

    Most chemical mouthwashes aim to kill all the bacteria in the mouth. They are abrasive, burning, and ultimately very hard on the teeth. The issue is, the mouth benefits from having some good bacteria. The bad bacteria, the ones that cause bad breath and tooth decay, will take over if there aren’t good bacteria to balance them.

    That’s why nanosilver is different. It puts selective pressure on bad breath bacteria but helps keep the mouth balanced, so the good bacteria can flourish.

    Why Choose Elementa Silver?

    Elementa Silver believes in empowerment through health. Natural products and the simplest ingredients are best. Elementa Silver’s goal is to provide the warmest customer experience you can get on the internet. They ensure the highest quality testing standards, because they are on a mission to make great health products that make your life better.