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    Stunning Nude Bar Collection by @napoleonperdis

    I am the first to admit I love bright and neon colors but there is something so timeless and beautiful about a Jlo kinda nude.

    Australian Make Up company Napoleon Perdis has a new Nude Collection that perfects this look.

    Lychee Scented

    I am wearing the Luminous Lip Veil – Pretty in Peach and Off Duty Tinted Moisturizer – Light / Medium

    Check out the entire collection here

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    Really Friggin Excited for @DitaVonTeese Make Up

    There is no one more perfect that Dita Von Teese and her perfect shape, skin, hair and makeup is what makes her such a phenomenal beauty icon.  Now you can have a lil bit of Dita in your life!  Her first make up line launched in Munich last week.

    Growing up as a shy, blonde girl in Michigan Dita Von Teese always dreamed to be like her idols, Marlene Dietrich and Rita Hayworth. To this day, Dita travels without a professional team of stylists. “I am a make-up artist and am used to doing everything by myself – thus I stay independent and have the chance to create a look exactly the way I want.”

    The most important makeup tip shared by Dita is “Practice until you can do every step in the routine without thinking.” Dita loves to experiment with colors trying new things. It was quite natural, therefore that she tested the product at all stages of her line’s
    development and giving samples to other top make-up artists for feedback. “I know that my products have an exceptional quality and I am proud to have my name on them.” Is there ever a day that Dita goes without make-up?
    On rare occasions, yes- but only when she is ill and has to stay in bed. Dita doesn’t accept any other excuse for being without cosmetics. Even at home, she still wears the red lipstick she is famous for. For a casual, easy 2-minute make-up look, she uses powder, her lipstick and sunglasses – perfect for a stroll through the flea markets or to go grocery shopping. A full make-up application takes about 30 minutes – due to her practice. “I don’t ever wear make-up in bed – I seduce with it, but for my intimate moments behind the closed doors, I show my naked face.”

    Why did she get into Burlesque? Because she wanted to do something forbidden, unconventional and wanted to break the taboo of stripping. “When I started 20 years ago Burlesque was neither chic nor established, so I developed my own style and make
    it sophisticated and glamorous.”

    Later in the evening, Dita appeared in an oversized golden powder box on stage and demonstrated what she is so well known for. Dressed in a royal-blue corsage and a coquette fluffy tutu, she was the incarnation of beauty. Aside from her sexual power and erotic fascination, there was a touch of innocence that is part of the Dita von Teese mystique.

    (coverage and image credit: beautypress.com)