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    Taryn Manning gets Picked Up by The Fashion Police

    Taryn Manning, singer of Boomkat and actress starring in popular show Orange is the New Black, has recently been picked up by the fashion police. That’s right – she made a very poor choice of outfit for the Triumph Lingerie Magic Wire launch in New York, and now she’s getting put in the SHU. Well, not really…but you get the picture. Pic via taryn-manning.net Taryn spends the majority of her time dressed in boring prison gear. This is because she plays the crazy Tiffany ‘Pennsatucky’ Doggett in the popular prison show Orange is The New Black. However, it seems as if she likes to make up for that fact when…

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    @ULuvkaVodka or nothing

    I discovered 2 beautiful, hypnotic and artful things this week. One is the House of Balloons by the sultry songster who goes by TheWeekndXO from Toronto and the other is U’Luvka Vodka from Poland. They are both extremely special to me: not the way a rainbow makes you smile but more like how a rainy storm makes you feel introspective, calm and content. Beautiful things know no boundaries. U’Luvka vodka is a catch to one’s eyes. The twisted glass teardrop shaped bottle stands out as a work of art and beauty representing the synergy between male and female, while the ancient alchemical glyph logo combines symbols for man, woman, sun…

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    Pharaoh Ponchos

    Trends usually begin when someone says, “I wish I had something like this…” Some trends catch on and become ubiquitous and some, well don’t really ever catch on. Have you seen these PHARAOH ponchos from 21Maroons? They are ‘beyond on point’ . What do you think? NY, West Africa and San Francisco.. Check their MySpace Talented and fly The Lex Vision rocks the PPoncho -> The most powerful person in ancient Egypt (left) The most powerful person on Open Labs Meko (right)