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    Top Of The World

    This video is amazing, there’s not too many R&B artist who have made a video in their own neighborhood. This one might be my favorite video from him because it has all the elements i would want in a video, Realness, Authenticity and humility not too mention creativity. All in all, Top Of the World video should get a MTV music video nod eventhough i know it probably won’t :0). Enjoy!

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    The UNTHINKABLE video – Alicia Keys

    I have been anticipating this video for months and finally, without any disappointment, its here!!!! Directed by Jake Nava, the video addresses the unconditional love between an interracial couple. No matter in which era the story is told, it remains the same, of a pair that go against family and society to do the ‘unthinkable’ and be together.
    I have a secret obsession with this song, I first got a taste of it in March and my love has never faltered. How can u resist these lyrics? So honest… This song is for anyone who’s in love, been in love, wants to be in love… or just loves SOMEBODY!!!
    Without any further adieu… courtesty of YouTube… The Unthinkable Video – Alicia Keys!

    video courtesy of www.youtube.com
    [Hi, Yvonne here with just a tad to add] and…I had goosebumps during the entire 4:42 of this video. I love this. So much of these issues still exist from generation from generation. I hope you can relate. I definitely can and this is my favorite video ever. Wow. Wow. Wow. “If you ask me, I’m ready…”

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    Bey + Gaga = Telephone

    All the lovemarks i love and then some! Miracle Whip, Wonderbread, Virgin Mobile, Diet Coke, POF, Polaroid (Gaga is signed with Kodak) GAGA and of course Bey.. I love the last scene, see how gorgeous Beyonce is without all the crazy theatrical makeup…

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    Black Eyed Peas – Meet me Halfway

    How amazing are those gold glasses and then the space elephant and the ethereal Fergie. And the pointy finger stick???? I love! I honestly love this song and BEP is doing their thang. They are one of the only groups that have progressively gotten better and better. They put pop in hip pop and made music ‘fun’ again. I am watching the video for the first time as I am posting this. That’s how excited I am about it!

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