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    Expand your Network: 2011

    Happy 2011 everyone!

    2011 is the year of the rabbit and will be full of adventures. As many of you know, my sister will be getting married and having her first baby this year. I am excited for my adventures to continue in the wonderful New York City and the adventures never stop. Thank you for your patronage. The book I recommend to start off your year right is… Naked Conversations. This book will give you some insight on technology trends that have shaped the way the business word converses and what social media can do for you the way no other business or marketing trend have ever been able to do. Here is my year in review!


    Had the privilege of  celebrating with Melanie Fiona at Nobu for her Grammy nominate in LA… When friends succeed you succeed. Surround yourself with ambitions talented people and the wind will be under your wings. Fly as far as you dare and soar with eagles.
    Vanessa heads to Vegas to work for Hellz Bellz during Magic and I tag along for some fun. Met a ton of great industry folks and harness the power of networking. I connected with some familiar faces and some new ones. Fashion people are great – they are serious about chasing rainbows and will insist you give them that pot of gold and no less.

    Shannae and I joined forces to throw a huge party to kick off Toronto Fashion Week for Fuze. It was completely sold out, medley of industry people, come-up kids and cutting edge Canadian designers. The Fifth Social Club hosted us and our 600 guests. We raised money for Look Good Feel Better and was outfitted by the Red Carpet Room in Brazen Hussy. I am wearing the Yvonne Jumpsuit. I love Toronto, there is no place like home.
    After a whirlwind of parties and fashion shows in Toronto, I head back to welcome a very special guest to LA! My dad!  My dad came to visit me all the way from Shanghai. I haven’t seen him since 2002 in Florida and it was quite a treat. 7 years past quickly because of school, work and life – but make time for the ones you love.  He came with only 1 suitcase but a stack of Japanese fashion magazine for me. It was really nice to have some company in LA and being with my dad was just perfect.
    I threw my first party in LA for Sex and the City 2 at Bungalow Club on Melrose. It was amazing with jewelry vendors, photographers, cosmos and makeup. But like Carrie in Paris, I missed my friends. So I flew back to Toronto to attend Shannae’s SATCM2 party!  You can do anything you want anywhere you want but it’s really more fun with your friends around. I dyed my hair purple this month.
    My whole family came to LA for my FIDM Graduation. My sis and Duncan came from Edmonton, Mom from Toronto and Dad from Shanghai. I am such a lucky duck. This month, we also celebrated my mom’s 60th birthday, Jacob’s 5th birthday and my 26th. I had a triple birthday party in TO, LA then NYC.  I go to New York on my Beauty Study Tour trip this month and fall in love with city….Concrete jungle were dreams are made of. I plan to move there but I start a new job in Azusa, California instead.
    I start my new job, get my new apartment and I flew back to Toronto for a weekend to throw the Fuze-A-Poolooza pool party! We raised $1500 with this event and it was so much fun. Complete with water guns, manicures and poolside snow cones. Summer time is the best. My dad goes back to Shanghai and I move to Azusa and start working at Lashem.
    Living in Azusa is exceptionally boring. So… I got a new puppy! I got Brooklyn to keep me and Jacob company. I work everyday, take the dogs out, go to the beach, cook. I kept her for 25 days and realized a puppy was too much work and ended selling her to an actor in LA. This month I planned my 2nd Los Angeles events, this time for Lashem. My Beauty Secrets was well attended by LA LookBook, LA Times, Cobra Snake, lash guru Jaamal Buster and numerous beauty bloggers. We also went to the Emmy Gifting Suite for Lashem
    Back to Toronto for Film Festival!  I bring Lashem into several gifting suites during the festivities and got to see my friends. Then I get ready to go to NYC to do desksides with all the beauty editors about Lashem.  I decide that I love NYC and I am meant to be there, so I go back to Azusa, pack my stuff, sell my car, quit my job and took my Jacob to NYC. You only live once right?
    I move to my new apartment in West Village and take in everything that is New York. I love it and feel right at home. I get invited to blogger events and parties with cupcakes. My friend Joey gets here too and we are happily bad mouthing LA with hands in mittens and scarves around our necks. I Yelp everything and walk everywhere. Freedom smells like the steam coming out of the sewer and sounds like taxis honking at you while you jay walk like a true New Yorker.

    I start working at Media Planet for after 2 weeks decided it’s not for me. I go to hear Emily King sing, I write about men on subways, I go to Flud’s 3 year anniversary party, I am a Cutler hair model, I meet some new friends, go on some random dates, I finally furnish my apartment… I go to a bunch of job interviews, I start Social Pancake and I am living and loving life. Coincidentally, I lose my California Driver’s license and I don’t really miss it at all.

    I have 3 months left on my work visa so I guess I should probably look for a job. If I do get a new full time job, I will get to stay in the US and work on a H1B Visa.. If not, I will have to go back to Canada!  Both options seems okay to me: I am starting my makeup line and I am also open to all opportunities here in the US. I do miss my friends but I am staying in NYC for the holidays… because I may be back for good by Spring!
    So that was my year 2010… It was truly the year of passion. Now I am ready for 2011. The year of expanding (and exploiting) your network.

    May you live in interesting times.

    *HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*
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    Get Passionate: 2010

    Happy 2010 everyone!

    I am going to start each new year with a book recommendation. For 2009, everyone got Tribal – for 2010, get Passionate! I am a true believer in universal signs, kinetic energy and discovering your true passion. This past year has been a fantastic personal journey towards finding out my life’s purpose and what I am truly good at. Here is a break down…

    2009 in review
    Jan:  I had the opportunity to hear Richard Branson speak during Ad Week. He inspired me to not fear the recession but to see it as “the perfect opportunity for entrepreneurship and time for companies that are slacking to be weeded out”.  Thanks dude!

    Feb: After the amazing SATCM party in May 2008, I spent a lot of time and energy concocting the best Shopaholic party Toronto has every seen! I planned this event for almost 9 months and it went off with out a hitch! Everyone had an amazing time and I even landed in BizBash.

    March: Then came March, which means Toronto Fashion Week!  From the success of Shopaholic, I was so lucky to throw the Fashion Showdown featuring Le Malek and was sponsored by FUZE. I was so happy with the turnout and knew that event planning is going to be a big part of my life. I learned that creating something from nothing is a lot of work but well worth it. Everything in this world started as an idea. 

    April: I went to Ryerson’s Mass Exodus fashion show this month and left with a tinge of sadness that I never got to pursue my dreams in fashion school. So I decided this month that I should try to hone in on my passion and find a new direction for myself, one that is more focused and very specific to my talents and interests. I applied for FIDM this month and got accepted for the Beauty Marketing & Merchandising program. So I started planning for my last 2 months in Toronto. I took my best volunteer from Fashion Showdown and asked her to come ‘on blog’ and she did! That’s Shay.

    May: I know the importance of surrounding myself with inspirational, talent driven and passionate people. In May, I hosted the Stylus DJ Awards with Marc Ecko Timepiece for the 2nd year! I learned that I love being on camera! Being on TV is another dream of mine! I am getting better at hosting and you can watch my progress on yvonnekai.com

    June: I had my 25th birthday/going away party called California Dreamin’ and I took off to LA. It was amazing to see both new friends and old come to send me off. Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. Toronto events get hectic and Bella comes on-blog too this month!  Michael Jackson dies and the entire world weeps. I get to experience this in the city where he dies, Los Angeles. I was there by the Staples Center, realizing that in his death, it was a celebration of his life. I want my life to mean something.

    July: I did something drastic this month. I dyed my hair black. I decided that it was a time for a change and time to embrace the new me. I start interning, learning more about LA, ate at Nobu but was not invited to Diddy’s White Party. I meet some people and I tell them I hate LA – They tell me I’m suffering from Big Fish in Small Pond syndrome and they says Glossy, you are not in Toronto anymore. I concur.

    August:  I get homesick because I missed Caribana, Nuit Blanch, Mentos event, meeting Quentin Tarintino, shopping with Wendy Woods, Cadillac fragrance launch, Absolut Art Installation and a slew of other fun Toronto Events.  I take off with Juzd to MAGIC for the 2nd year in row in Vegas. Recession hits hard and the 3 hall event turns into a 1 hall trade show. I come along and sell them optimism ^_^ I learn here that it’s better to be in the Beauty business than the Fashion business – hello Lipstick Index!

    September: I finished my 1st Quarter at FIDM and fly back to Toronto for my month long break! Wee! I have so much fun: Film Fest parties, Art of Fashion and tons of fun events. I miss my friends and Toronto! I realize that i get to enjoy my red carpet access because I worked my butt off to get there and if I want the same thing in LA I better put in double the work and 1/2 the dress size. Yikes. I also got to host Art of Fashion with their videographer. Just be open to all opportunities and it will find you.

    October: I head back to LA and experience Halloween in LA – it’s insanity. I realize how much weather affects people. I miss Toronto Fashion Week but I got to go to LA Fashion Week, made some new friends at school and bought a lil Honda! Everyone in LA drives – when in Rome…

    November: I kick my studying into high gear and decide that I am going to get straight A’s this quarter. I sign up for glass blowing class at the LA City College and I got my first products to review from Raw Mineral Makeup as an LA Blogger! I review Fred Segal, I start fostering a puppy and I go to my first CEW event. I am excited to get my first taste of the fabulous Beauty Industry. I love my life in LA.

    December: I am back in Toronto for the holidays and I am proud of 2009. As Lissa would say two thousand and grind. I wanna say two thousand and mine. I entered a bag design contest at FIDM, I finish the quarter with a 3.92 GPA, I am excited about the sequins trend and I produced the very first HeyDoYou Style Diary.  So far so good.

    Please start your 2010 right by reading this:

    The Passion Test: The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Destiny

     Happy new year!

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    Get Tribal: 2009

    Happy 2009 everyone!

    This is truly the time to start ‘doing you’ – as part of my holiday presents, I ordered a slew of books on Amazon.com and the first to come is Seth Godin’s newest book, TRIBES. This is a great read, short book and to the point. Godin has been dubbed a marketing genius (so have I!) and in this book, he urges those to who have the courage to LEAD.
    Seth Godin is famous for marketing books like the Idea Virus, Meatball Sundae and many more. Tribes is already a national bestseller and voted the #1 must read business book of 2008. If you are not much of a reader, this is available on iTunes as an audiobook too.

    A crowd without a leader is simply a crowd. A crowd with a leader becomes a TRIBE and the actions taken by a tribe becomes a MOVEMENT for social and political change. He uses current examples of tools such as Twitter and Facebook and all that leadership and tribes imply…Godin talks about how HERETICS used to be burned at the stake but now because of the sheer number of heretics, we join them, celebrate them and is inspired to ‘do you’, and find others that are like minded.

    So much of what we already know needs to be retold to us from time to time and leadership is one of those things. When I am reading this book, it reminds me of so many of my friends who have chosen to lead the Tribe through things they do, events they put on and the life they choose to live. Great read for get you started this year!

    What do you care about for so passionately that you can gather and lead a tribe for?

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