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    Bee 10 coffee from New York Coffee festival 2022

    After two years, Heydoyou is back in the New York Coffee festival again! We have checked out new vendors, tried lots of new products in different booths and had tons of fun.

    While we have already consumed too much caffeine, there is a booth convinced us to try it again. Two bee keepers, Sierra and Al, invited us to take a bite on their special coffee honey – Bee 10 coffee. It has different flavors – Cacao, bold roast, and Cubano. The texture is almost like honey, and the expresso has been concentrated with honey in a jar, which you can take one or two spoons of paste out anytime.

    You can also made lots of coffee drink with the taste of honey with the bee 10 coffee. Just adding water, it will become expresso or Americano. If you add milk in it then foam it, you will get latte. We also learned the magic of doing foam in the drink – At the booth, AI told us we can make foam from the paste for a few minutes with a milk frother, then put it on the top of the drink. If you put it on the martini, it will make a perfect coffee martini in fewer steps. If you put it on milk, it can limit the caffeine you take and still let you have the first sip to taste caffeine. If you put it on ice cream, you can get a perfect dessert Affogato. The flexibility of drinks the coffee honey can make, plus the dense taste it was given from raw honey and fresh coffee bean, make it the most unique for the city never sleeps.

    From the research “Contribution of honeybees towards the net environmental benefits of food”, it says Beekeeping provides honey, protein-containing drone broods and pollen, and yield-increasing pollination services. This study tested the hypothesis that beekeeping can result in net-positive impacts, if pollination services and protein-containing by-products are utilised. As a sustainable-support blog, we encourage you to try to know more about bee keeping and have the chance to taste this product.

    You can get this product here on their website –

    Honey with coffee – https://bee10coffee.com/

    Honey without coffee – https://www.creamedhoney.com/