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    NYFW – We are dancing in Cristina Ruales!

    Cristina Ruales’s fashion dancing performance was very unique and creative. Instead of the traditional runway, she has the dancers wearing her new line, dancing in Cristina Ruales’ fashion atmosphere. LULU was invited as the fashion illustrator to draw her show. Here are the sketches of the fashionable dancers. LULU with designer Cristina Ruales. She did some celebrities’ portraits at the show. Portrait of Purely Patricia and portrait of Stevie Boi and Bobbiette Palmer. Portraits of the guests. And, I saw this cutie at the show! Tinkerbelle!

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    The Perfect Combination of Beauty and Brains @Smartglamour

    Designer Mallorie Carrington launched her clothing line at www.smartglamour.com.  With a clever spin on the intellectual and social aspect of the fashion industry, Mallorie has created a campaign of 9 women in different shapes in the same outfit! Smart Glamour is a clothing line for all sized women – they also have customizable basics –  a flattering fit for any weight, height, shape, age, race, or style. None of these photos – women or clothes specifically – will be photoshopped in any way! Check out Smart Glamour, a New York based fashion line that truly highlight women’s natural beauty and really allow them to look like their true selves! www.smartglamour.com

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    Ice Hot Fashion @theRealSuomi

    Of course the products I love are always sold out!  This brand new designer collection will have a lot of fresh and clean items coming on inspired by aesthetics of Scandinavian landscapes. Suomi is a new fashion and retail concept, sold exclusively online, with no intermediaries and no filters. Its creations are inspired by the aesthetics of Scandinavian landscapes and all prints are derived from original artwork, and digitally transferred onto silk. Their Spring 2013 collection is truly beautiful in it’s simplicity and shape! See more beautiful Suomi at http://www.suomiunderground.com/

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    Green time with @Sproutwatches

    Sprout Watches is doing something no watch company has ever done!  They have created fun and fashionable accessories that are made of 80% bio degradable materials including: corn resin case & buckle, organic cotton strap, bamboo dial, mineral crystal lens and mercury free battery!  They are based in NYC and have a huge range of eco-friendly watches that range from sporty, fun, cute to work friendly. They are for both green loving men and women.   Our friends at Sprout recently sent me the ST/5504GMGN watch below and I was blown away by the materials used to make it without sacrificing any fashionable style component! The conflict free diamonds add a bit…

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