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    Brilliant. If you don’t know him, you know his antics I’m sure. If you don’t know, get familiar. Pillow Fight NYC Tube War Chicago Marshmellow Civil War http://twitter.com/kevinbracken *HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*

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    WE ARE MAKING HISTORYBARACK OBAMA CELEBRATION For me, this is a success and win for everyone. The hope and progress this man represents and the victory of the people, DEMOCRACY…For everyone who ever said, you can’t – this is to disprove every look of disapproval, every discouragement and a big F%&# U to the dream stealers. This is our opportunity to prove ourselves and do what we are meant to do, live our lives and strive for our passions. Find out what we love and what means the most to you when we dig deep. Yes we can. The US nation moves forward and we should be inspired by this…

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    Capture the Flag

    Newmindspace.com invites you the capture the flag on Oct 11. Check it out 🙂 Capture the Flag! Capture the Flag is a massive, adrenaline-pumping, urban game played on the streets of downtown Toronto. Two teams hide flags in their territory and attempt to capture the enemy flag using subways, streetcars, bicycles, longboards or their own two feet. Join us as we dash through the Financial District (the only ‘hood in T.O that doesn’t really have residences), evade the enemy, hide behind Toronto’s skyscrapers, travel through the PATH and score a point. Free + Fun! What can be better?EVENT details HERE