• Las Vegas

    Nivea Lip Challenge

    From a quick swipe of shimmer for a rooftop happy hour to making sure your lips are protected against the sun at the beach, Nivea has something for everyday!


    I took the Nivea Lip Challenge, to use all the lipbalms from Monday to Friday and the result? Super moisturized lips!

    My favorite was the Mint & Minerals Lip Care. This lipbalm was not too greasy yet it kept my lips from being dry in this crazy Las Vegas heat.

    • The smooth textured balm is enriched with Shea Butter and a refreshing hint of mint.
    • Enriched with Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil, this formula soothes and helps protect lips from dryness.
    • Keeps lips moisturized all day

    On Tuesday, we went out for dinner and I wanted a bit of a tint so I use the Care & Color Sheer. The coral was a bit different from my usual pink so I loved it!

    The rest of the week I couldn’t stop using the Smoothness Hydrating SPF 15 Lip balm! Perfect for the sunny days and just so convenient.

  • Toronto,  WorldWide

    Why I love it: le “new new”

    Has anyone tried these new nivea roll-ons? I picked these up during one of my recent Shoppers Drugmart adventures, and I love them! I have a funny feeling that it was the cuteness of the bottle that got me… not necessarily the roll-on. I’m a little afraid to read the ingredients label, as I don’t want to fall out of love with them just yet. ha ha ha. I’ve tried both of them out, and they work pretty damn good. There’s no transfer to your clothing, and your pits will be smelling lovely all day long. However, I’m still getting used to that wet feeling at the very beginning… not a fan. Otherwise, I dig them! Oh and the calm and care is my faaaaaaaave. Hmmm maybe I’ll do a video review… get people to smell my pits and then rank my freshness from 1 to 10… nasty, lol.

    Every girl on the go MUST have a good deodorant. So have you tired these, any other recommendations?

    peace, love and health