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    Who’s the new girl?

    Hello friends! I’m Sal‘s wife, and I’m neighbors with Yvonne. She and my dog, Pocky, are in love with each other. Pocky looks at her like this: I look at them like this: My Brooklyn home is filled with many humans and animals. I live with my husband, our dog, and our two cats. You already met them in Sal’s post, but here’s another R2 and Momo picture: Along with my family, I love to play, eat, and groom myself. I will blog about all of the above. I look forward to sharing my finds with you. <3 Cake Me  

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    Elly came to visit today!  She is a 10 week old Black & Tan Dapple Dachshund puppy.  You can read her daddy’s blog here. She is basically the luckiest dog ever because her bff Jacob has her back and she is spoiled with Wall Street money! Dachshunds make great NYC pets because they are compact with tons of personality. They are playful and love to chase. With their short legs, they were bred to hunt badgers, rabbits and other small rodents. Elly will be less than 10 lbs when full grown. She is so cute and small. I can see how it would be hard to ever say no to her!…