• New York

    Mystery Guy #9

    So I ventured to Brooklyn last night and was happily riding the C train. Then I thought for some reason that I too should switch to the G. And look what I see. Nice weather brings out the best in folks and this tall drink of water definitely put forth his best.  Women, both young and old were gawking. I just thought it was kinda funny. This mystery guy, doesn’t leave much of a mystery.

    I took this pic, just 3 seconds before he decided to loom over me and say wassup. Oh this are the things I love about New York. What would I have said to you if we had a real conversation? Sigh. I think it’s great that you run, it’s amazing that you are 6’4, cool that you have Chinese tats, blessed that you have a great body – Thank you for stepping up with the sexy and doing you.  We need more people in this world ready to just do whatever and shake thangs up!