• New York

    Patricia Field x Barbie

    I got a bunch of Tweets and emails asking me about the bag I used at the GShock event… So here it is…

    I rock mine with a Barbie pink ribbon and a pheasant feather I got on Venice beach. It represents prosperity and resourcefulness. Both of which is a constant reminder of what I do and who I am. The pheasant is a native bird of China where it is revered for its beauty, its feather represents yang energy and so it carries attributes of fire, life, summer and action. They are the cousin of a peacock but not quite the same. Their energy stimulates sexuality, encourages creativity, and enhances energy. Now you know why I have it right?

    It’s the Pat Field x Barbie LUXE Limited Edition Hobo in Black Croc that I got in 2009, wasn’t expensive but definitely a statement piece and one of my favs. Every day practicality with piazzas!

    Katy Perry has the white one, but you know me. All Black Everything!


    Paris Hilton has one too

    A real Barbie? Yup!