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    Totally LOVESTRUCK

    “Lovestruck is about the emotion and rush you feel when you are falling in love and going for it… those heart-pounding moments of spontaneity”- Vera Wang

    Lovestruck smells like love, and makes me wanna be in love. I love, love, love it!

    I’m completely and utterly in love with this fragrance. Vera Wang has definitely taken things to a whole new level with this one. I have never smelled anything like this before and was hooked upon first sniff… it takes all of my power not to drown myself in it.

    Lovestruck is inspired by a modern day twist on Romeo & Juliet, and captures the feeling of a woman who is struck by love and captivated by passion.

    What’s in it? Pink guava, mandarin, tuberose, lotus bloom, precious woods and sheer musk… it’s so amazing.

    The packaging is just beautiful! “Young in spirit and classic”, the bouquet of flowers and tulle bow… genius.

    I MUST get my hands on the lotion and shower gel, and then maybe another bottle of the perfume… You should too.

    Thanks to Coty for sharing the L-O-V-E.

    peace and love


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    David Lee

    I have a crush on this celebrity chef.

    David Lee was born in Mauritius… which is the best-governed country in Africa according to Wikipedia.  I did some digging and it says David grew up in England and moved to Canada in 1994 at the age of 24. That makes him 40?  Aw I love him. If anyone knows him, please tell him I would love to meet me.

    I love me a well traveled man! David traveled to Napa Valley, Hong Kong, Madrid, Italy and France New York in order to expand his knowledge and craft.  I have walked past his restaurant on Queen St 1000 times and I have never been there :(. Something to do for 2010!

    2008 – Present Nota Bene: Toronto Co-owner/Partner Executive Chef
    2006 – 2006 King West: Toronto Executive Chef Co-owner/Partner
    2001 – 2009 Splendido Bar & Grill: Toronto Chef & Co-owner
    1994 – 2000 Centro: Toronto Chef de Cuisine
    [1987 – 1987] InterContinental Park Lane: London UK Apprentice/Commis

    ” I believe that a chef is only as good as his ingredients, “he says. “It’s important to choose the best seasonal product to make the most flavourful, pleasing dishes.”

    I like that. Fall in love with David Lee here
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    Ode to Red…

    Often referred to as the exclamation mark at the end of a sentence! A woman in red doesn’t question whether she’s got it. She knows the answer. *wink wink*

    Beyonce, Gwen & Rhi rhi got it right!

    I can’t stress enough just how much I LOVE red lipstick! Red pouty lips are considered to be the sign of the seductress. Sure I love pink shades, and sometimes I’ll do nude shades *hardly*, but red? I do red like everyday, in fact if I don’t have on red lipstick or some kind of red lip stain then it’s by accident. lol  
    Red lipstick MUST be worn with confidence or not at all

    Ancient Egyptians used to paint their lips red, and line their eyes with khol; a look that’s still very popular today. In Japan, the geishas used to paint their faces white and their lips red; another look that’s still popular minus painting our faces white!
    People are often intimidated to wear red lipstick, but when it comes down to it, there’s a shade out there for everyone. BUT. Red lipstick MUST be worn with confidence or not at all. The fact that it’s such a look at me color means it’s very important to rock red lips like it’s second nature! If you don’t wanna be looked at then I suggest trying another shade… *walks away disappointed* 
    No matter your race, or complexion, there’s a red out there for you!

     They always say pick a color that goes with your skin, sure this works but playing it safe is sooo boring! Especially when it comes to red lipstick… c’mon now what’s safe about red lipstick? You gotta experiment; If you like a shade of red that “doesn’t match” your skin tone, try it out anyway… there are ways to make it work!
    I was told to stick to browns, nudes, or dark shades of red when deciding on lip color because of my full lips and dark complexion… whatever *sloooooowwwww eyeroll* I’ve worn brick reds, true reds, and even “blue” reds, and so far we look damn good together!
    Some people think women who wear red lipstick have questionable morals (whateverrrrr); In 1770, the British Parliament enacted a law condemning lipstick, and “women found guilty of seducing men into matrimony by cosmetic means” were tried for witchcraft. *wtf??!!!* Queen Victoria even declared makeup, including red lipstick to be impolite…*blank stare* Despite what people thought, women still loved red lipstick, and at the beginning of the 20th century, more women started wearing it as a symbol of empowerment and beauty. 
    By World War II, red lipstick had become an icon of femininity; It became a necessity for women who still wanted to feel beautiful even though they worked in factories. This definitely still applies today; red lips + chef jacket= hottest chef you’ve ever seen! lol
    Over time, as fashion has changed, red lipstick is still a classic. From housewives who wore it to libidinous rock n roller’s celebrated it. Red lipstick became a secret weapon, the “go-to” cosmetic item for women who wanted/needed to feel as a woman should. Beautiful, confident, powerful. And it’s here to stay… at least with me!
    See you tomorrow at HeyDoYou Housecalls!!!
    *big red kisses!*
    FYI: In human color psychology, the color red is associated with heat, energy, blood, and emotions that “stir the blood”, including anger, passion, love and pain.
    FYI #2: Suffragettes were women who campaigned for the rights of women to vote.
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    Passion + Inspire!

    Thank you for having LongOverdew speak at Derrydown Public School! Given the chance to inspire young minds and tell the story of ‘following your PASSION’, LongOverdew had the opportunity to be a guestspeaker for the coolest Gr 4 & 5’s in Toronto!

    Passionate about what you do? Want to be a guest speaker at Derrydown PS? Email Mickella! mickellas@hotmail.com