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    K Fashion New York Honoring Patricia Field

    The K-Fashion Project came to Shanghai, China highlighting three Korean collections: JESSI N.Y.Buckaroo Jeans and Zishen at The Waterhouse on the Bund. Each collection was showcased in a runway show styled by K-Fashion’s Culture Ambassador, Patricia Field.

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    Supported by the Korea Fashion Association, the K-Fashion Project is a global initiative that features a handpicked group of promising Korean brands to nurture in their efforts to break into new markets. This year marks K-Fashion Project’s third time showing in New York City and first time showing in China.


    Patricia Field’s involvement in The K-Fashion Project stems from her visit to Seoul in June of 2012. Invited by the Korean Government, Field visited the stores of Korean designers, including Buckaroo Jeans whom she worked with on last three New York showcases.  Since then, Patricia Field has continued to support the program each year by mentoring and advising each group.



    JESSI is a women’s contemporary brand that dares to chase the new, yet landing within a spectrum of trends. Turning familiarity and cutting-edge trends into city-chic wearable styles, is JESSI’s mix and match aesthetic.   www.jessi.co.kr

     Buckaroo Jeans Retro Modernism, Original Denim Jeans Casual– The brand concept of retro-modernism and original denim jeans casual is mainly based on the idea of dichotomy between the modern new and the friendly old that is reminiscent of New York Jeans of the 50s and 60s.  www.buckaroo.co.kr

     Zishen Zishen is a casual men’s and women’s lifestyle brand. Zishen, meaning “oneself,” aims to bestow self-confidence to the wearer. The clothes are a hybrid of comfort with a stylish edge, available at a contemporary price point. www.zishen.com


    About Korea Fashion Association Korea Fashion Association is a special body corporate established in 1985 under the Ministry of Knowledge Economy with the purpose to advance the Korean fashion industry with approximately 300 total fashion companies including domestic national fashion brands, fashion designer’s brands, trading companies and fashion related businesses as our members, Korea Fashion Association has been taking the initiative to protect the rights of our members and promote our members, and strengthen and globalize the competitiveness of the Korean fashion industry.

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    Patricia Field x Barbie

    I got a bunch of Tweets and emails asking me about the bag I used at the GShock event… So here it is…

    I rock mine with a Barbie pink ribbon and a pheasant feather I got on Venice beach. It represents prosperity and resourcefulness. Both of which is a constant reminder of what I do and who I am. The pheasant is a native bird of China where it is revered for its beauty, its feather represents yang energy and so it carries attributes of fire, life, summer and action. They are the cousin of a peacock but not quite the same. Their energy stimulates sexuality, encourages creativity, and enhances energy. Now you know why I have it right?

    It’s the Pat Field x Barbie LUXE Limited Edition Hobo in Black Croc that I got in 2009, wasn’t expensive but definitely a statement piece and one of my favs. Every day practicality with piazzas!

    Katy Perry has the white one, but you know me. All Black Everything!


    Paris Hilton has one too

    A real Barbie? Yup!