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    Try Plants by People plant tonics to have a positive change in your life, specific to health and wellness

    ⁠Just like a flower blooming, humans grow and develop into their own being. Growth and change is a huge part of life. How do you accept change and embrace the amazing things life has to offer? Plants By People is a community of wellness advocates, parents, environmentalists, food scientists, and deep thinkers driven to be part of something bigger than themselves. Plants are the platform, passion and the product.

    They take the cues from ancient medicine and modern science and are committed to their belief that plants have the power to nourish and regulate our bodies.  Plants By People strive to strengthen and support the balance of energy within our bodies, Qi (Chi), and to be continually in tune with nature – bringing a little more joy into our days. With every plant tonic you drink, you can feel good knowing that you are one sip closer to achieving more balance within yourself and within the world.

    Enjoy one of these Plant Tonic Beverages with any meal! Adding a nutritious beverage will complete your breakfast, lunch or dinner. Everyone could use a boost of superfoods and adaptogens in their daily routine.


    When we feel energized and alert, we feel like we can do anything. BLOOM Awakening Plant Tonic is the perfect mixture of time-tested plant medicine and modern science. It’s a blend of superfoods and adaptogens that come together to give you a delicious, fruity boost. Sip BLOOM instead of your morning coffee or anytime your energy is running a little low. Contains roughly 40mg of caffeine per serving.


    At our very best we feel balanced, steady, and ready to take on the world. To maintain this level of well-being, it’s essential to nourish our bodies through good habits. GLOW delivers a deliciously crisp and slightly tart blend of superfoods and adaptogens known to support digestion and promote circulation, giving you a fantastic foundation for health.


    The key to good health and flowing energy is the ability to truly relax, which may come as a surprise to you! Stress and tension can make it hard to find your Zen, but HARMONY Relaxing Plant Tonic knows exactly how to nurture it. This soothing, aromatic blend of superfoods and adaptogens supports your body’s ability to rest, recharge and restore.

    Shine Cleansing Plant Tonic

    Our bodies have an amazing capacity for renewal, but the more demanding and hectic our lives get, the more vital it is to lasso that power. SHINE Cleansing Plant Tonic provides a citrusy blend of organic superfoods and adaptogens that brings a detoxifying balance and rejuvenation to the system.


    A healthy immune system is the key to defending our bodies from viruses and infection. Fortunately, Plants By People can offer it a helping hand by establishing healthy habits in day-to-day. THRIVE Immunity Support Plant Tonic uses the same tasty superfoods and adaptogens that have been effective for millenia when it comes to regulating and strengthening our body’s natural defenses.


    EXPLORE 5-pack offers a great way to try Plants By People entire range of tasty and transformative tonics. Guided by ancient plant medicine and modern health science, Plants By People tonics are packed with superfoods and adaptogens crafted from 100% organic fruits and botanicals.


    Each box contains one each of:

    • Bloom Cherry and Goji Berry Awakening Plant Tonic
    • Glow Raspberry and Papaya Digestive Support Plant Tonic
    • Harmony Apple and Pomegranate Relaxing Plant Tonic
    • Shine Pineapple and Lemon Cleansing Plant Tonic
    • Thrive Elderberry and Grape Immunity Support Plant Tonic

    Nourish to Flourish! How do they do that you may ask? We like to fuel our bodies with the healthy energy and relaxation it needs in order to perform to the best of it’s ability. The first step in that process is drinking Plants By People 5 Wellness Tonics. Allow yourself a nourishing weekend, whatever that may mean to you, and refuel for next week!

    Plants By People have transformed ancient herbal medicine practice to suit the modern palates and lifestyle. The powdered plant tonics loaded with superfood and adaptogens are delicious, convenient and environmentally responsible. Each of their mixable wellness drinks is thoughtfully crafted from 100% organic superfoods, botanicals, and adaptogens. Their sachets are purse- and pocket-friendly, ready to be mixed into your regular drink. No single-use bottles, no additives, no crappy ethics.