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    random & PROUD

    ….couple soho cocktails and tequila shots later, and we were ready to have some FUN! stopped at Day n Night, but the crowd was just getting warmed up and we were already good to go! Soooo after a pic and my lil dance with @jasonrjohnson, we sashayed our asses outta there!
    Plus we wanted to see some HOT GIRLS! so we dipped and went to PRIDE!!!
    ps: Day n Night is every Sunday @ Skybar! You should goooooooo, oh and Why is Harold U such a cutie!!? 
    at this point I should’ve just given up on the picture taking… lol
    but these ladies are just too beautiful I had to try again (Chinny I heart you baby! Vanessa you ROCK boo)
    what what!
    LOL oh Chinny… she makes awesome cakes too!
    this wasn’t even the most interesting person we saw that night…
    aaaawwww kisses and smiles for youuuuuuuu!
    blue man ladys with tits and dicks!
    I gave up after this point! We frolicked for a little then headed to King Street West, couple clubs later, I was DONE. 
    Fun times!

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