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    NYC Hot Sauce Expo brings the Heat to Brooklyn – Hey! Let’s Lit This Summer

    I recently had the pleasure of attending the 6th Annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo and while there I had the opportunity to sample countless hot sauces from large and small purveyors around the world.

    It was an intense afternoon and one where nearly everyone was sweating conspicuously while seeking out free milk, and cold cocktails, to help drown out the fiercely hot sauces that everyone was there to try.

    Whether you’re already a die-hard hot sauce aficionado or you’re new to the spicier side of foodie-life, these are the three hot sauce brands that I had never heard of which you will want to try.

    Magic Sauce by Cobra Chilli out of Queensland, Australia. This Asian style sauce is so amazing and tasty and has been described as “liquid umami” – it’s their Best Seller.

    The first five seconds in your mouth, you will taste all of the ingredients – the soy, the sesame oil, the onion, ginger and garlic and even the Carolina Reaper – but without the heat. Then the heat will kick in but will only really last for about 15 seconds. It will then dissipate, leaving you with the fantastic flavors of all the natural ingredients. Wow – magic.


    Wham, Bam, Spice & Ham! It’s Carolina Reaper bacon hot sauce. What more could you want from a hot sauce? It is the world’s hottest pepper combined with bacon. It is super spicy and great tasting!

    This delicious combination of Carolina Reaper and Bacon will awaken your senses.


    It would be great to use these two awesome hot sauces for a great BBQ party night at July 4th with the beautiful fireworks. I know this summer has been pretty hot already, but why not to make it a little bit even more spicier? Because summer is the BBQ season, let’s go fun!