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    Come Clean CellCell

    Ultimate Desk Toy TSFW (Totally Safe for Work!)   There is no denying that adulting is exhausting and we all need a bit of nostalgia. From fashion to film and everything in between, we just want things to be simple again. “Adulting” has its perks certainly but for the days when you wish you were still a kid, we have something for you. Introducing the first scented personal relaxation putty called Cellcell. According to the creators of Cellcell, it is anything but silly. Cellcell is a personal relaxation tool that goes where you go. It uses sensory relaxation through tactile and olfactory stimulation to ease your stress.  Stress is the…

  • Chicago

    Calm Down with These Five-Minute Relaxation Tips

    Image source   Your dog has just chewed your new shoes, your baby is crying, and you have a work deadline looming. It would be all too easy to shrink back and let the stress of the moment take you, but there is another way. Instead of letting the stress take you, you could tray one of the following five-minute relaxation tips. It might just transform your life.   Enjoy a Square of Chocolate   Eating just a single square of your favorite dark chocolate can regulate your cortisol levels, thus helping you to calm down from any stressful situation. It can also help to stabilize your blood sugar levels…

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    Sexy Candles from @KMFantasy

        Candles are the best bedroom accessories to set the mood!  The aroma and the warmth is meant to relax and to put an end to your frantic day and peace to your restless mind.   massage oil candles melt down to a fragrant, sexy massage oil and are made from top-grade jojoba and soy oils. Our candles melt at a low-temperature so the oil never burns hot. Try it for erotic fun and relaxation. Light the candle and let it burn for 20-30 minutes. Snuff the candle out. Then drizzle the warm, fragrant oil onto your lover’s body and start the massage. A massage oil candle – 100%…

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