• My Dog Jacob

    Get Cozy @CanadaPooch Caribou Hoodie

    My motto is always CUTEST in CHARGE! ¬†Guess who is in charge in our household? Jacob of course! ¬†Our friends at Canada Pooch sent us the brand spanking new Cozy Caribou Hoodie and we are so in love! As the cooler weather approach, walking your dog everyday is still something we look forward to. But when we pull on scarves and sweaters, don’t forget about your 4-legged friend! Dogs can get colds too and especially if your dog is an indoor dog like Jacob – A sweater is 100% necessary.

    What I love about the Canada Pooch products is that they are so WELL MADE. Just by looking at these products, you can tell the thought and knowledge put into designing it. The colors are gender friendly for any dog and they are beautiful and oh so “Canadian” with a Roots appeal.

    The tip of the hood is a easy snap button so it doesn’t bunch up or swing around. The bottom of the stomach part has also 2 easy snap buttons to make sure it stays in place. The lining is SO super soft like a teddybear (Sherpa) and way better and warmer than fleece that you find in most coats. My favorite part is the ribbing on the sleeve and stomach.

    The Ultimate Cozy Experience: ultra-soft cotton exterior & Sherpa lining
    New relaxed cottage-style logo
    Functional pocket for treat and bag storage
    Size-adjustable Velcro closure and ribbing
    Machine washable
    Leash / harness slit
    Sleeves for sizes 10-16
    Available in sizes 10-26
    Colours: Grey, black and red

    You can get them on http://canadapooch.com