• New York

    Pink Friday with Barbie

    What could be more fun than a matchy-match kind of day?

    Headphones are a great accessory and even more perfect when it matches your iPod!  Now that I am living in Brooklyn I am taking the subway into Manhattan everyday, having music with me is a great weirdo deterrent and an easy way to make the time pass by fast.  The awesome people at the Sakar International Booth at the New York Toy Fair recently hooked up with Barbie to make some all pink everything headphones!

    After 50 years, Barbie could use a technology upgrade to join the times. Sakar International has showcased their new Barbie ear buds along with many other licensed technology products at Toy Fair giving these products a spin to keep up with the children in the 21st century.

    Cute enough to make Nicki proud!