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    Premium Case with Premium Quality – Mujjo Case for the S8/S8+

    Mujjo, a Dutch company with an eye for premium leather cases, has ventured out to included a collection for the S8/S8+. The S8 currently does not have Samsung branded Leather cases, so for those who want to look fashionable with your newly purchased phone, look no further then Mujjo.

    Mujjo’s leather cases are unique, and you can tell the quality of materials that the use for these leather cases. Not only do they look smooth and clean from the outside, but the interior provides extra support for those unfortunate falls.

    The back of the case looks slim and doesn’t block the camera, so its easy to get to the fingerprint scanner.

    The Saddle Tan design is sleek on any color of your S8, and definitely accentuates the curves on the S8/S8+. The black leather case is smooth and clean, and hides very well, so you can focus on your task, but still look fashionable doing so.

    Solely for the Galaxy S8 and S8+, the cases start at €44.90, ranging up to €49.90. (US: $48.84, ranging up to $54.28) Available for order and on mujjo.com (ships worldwide) and via authorized resellers.

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    Red Tint No More: Galaxy S8 Red tint fix is now on T-Mobile

    If in case you haven’t heard it before, Samsung’s new S8 and S8+, has been well received. But of course, with early models, you tend to see a few errors, a notable one being the red tint in certain S8 phones.

    Luckily, Samsung is now rolling out update to fix the Galaxy S8/S8+ red tint issue for T-Mobile customers. This will be the first update for US owners to get the fix.

    The South Korean manufacturer said last week that it would issue an update to automatically fix color calibration of the Galaxy S8 after a few users reported that their devices had a red tint on their displays.

    Now we’re just waiting to see if they can fix the random reboots.

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    At a Glance – Bixby

    Samsung’s release of the S8/S8+ brought a lot of new software into Samsung’s Ecosystem. A notable one is Bixby. An AI system to rival Google and Siri, it works on making your life easier. Its launch version will be in various features, including, Bixby Voice, Bixby Vision, Bixby Home and Bixby Reminder, for example.

    A quick way to get an idea of Bixby, is this:

    1. Bixby is a complete solution: it is designed to let you carry out a full range of interactions, rather than launching an app for example, or carrying out a single task. Samsung says that Bixby will be able to do just about everything you can do with an app using touch.
    2. Bixby is contextually aware: this is one of the buzzwords of AI, demonstrated by Google Assistant, for example. This will mean that Bixby can recognise the state that the app is in and take the right actions based on your requests, also letting you mix voice or touch.
    3. Bixby understands natural language: this means that you don’t need to use set phrases, but you can give incomplete information and Bixby can interpret and take action. Natural language recognition has been key to the rise of Alexa, for example, and is now a key element of modern AI.

    Bixby Home

    What used to be Flipboard, is now replaced by Bixby Home on the Galaxy S8. With a swipe to the right from the home screen, a stream of information ranging from smart reminders for tasks you commonly carry out on your phone, to news and weather are displayed. Remember, this is all contextual information, so you will get a lot of reminders about frequent contacted people, setting up alarms at around a usual time, etc.

    I use it quite often, especially when I want to take a quick glance in everything that I need to do on a given moment. The best part is to see scheduled reminders come up, first thing. I do like having my feed with constant reminders! My only concern is how LIMITED the app support is. With such little support, it may be hard to get a buy-in from consumers on Bixby Home. I see the potential however. From Twitter feeds and Facebook updates, it has the potential to be a better version of Google Cards.

    For an AI assistant, it seems to be weak in app support.

    Bixby Vision

    Bixby Vision is a great way to find information about an item that is close to you. Utilizing the Camera app, you are able to take a photo of almost anything and get an image identification, or get the option of where to shop for the item. Its fast, responsive and doesn’t encounter too many hiccups. Bixby Vision starts to process the item, and creates a box of what is that you are looking for. (You can always make the box bigger or smaller) I was able to get information on the NES system rather quickly.

    It does need to be noted that this feature is powered by Pinterest to search for Images and Amazon for Shopping. Its rather straight forward and easy to use. Another feature it can do is translation. Powered by Google Translate, it does a good job in translating a good portion of text from a photo.

    Final Thoughts

    While this isn’t an initial impression, there are a few things that stuck out to me that needed to be mentioned for Bixby. Once Bixby Home comes out oficially for the US, I will give  amore detailed review on it. But Samsung has the right idea, and I hope to see it grow into fruition.


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    Samsung DeX – First Impressions

    The S8/S8+ is finally out and there have been many great reviews on Samsung’s flagship phone. Alongside the release of these devices, also came a few accessories, most notably, the Samsung DeX.

    Whats meant to be as an alternative to your computer, its a dock that not only charges your phone, but it acts as a computer, with fully integrated apps, such as Office Suite and Adobe. The concept sounds great: a perfect way to utilize the most of your phone in desktop format. No longer will you have to write that long email with your thumbs! But how practical is the Samsung DeX?


    You can even change the background of your DeX screen!

    At first glance, it reminds me of Chrome OS. As soon as I connected my phone onto the dock, I looked at the task bar and felt familiar with a UI that I had yet to play around with. It is a mix of Windows and Chrome OS, so for those within the Android ecosystem will have no trouble guiding through it. All settings are virtually similar to the S8. As I was opening various apps I owned, I almost forgot that I was controlling a phone and not a computer.


    The Samsung DeX has 2 USB 2.0 Ports, an Ethernet Port and a USB Type C charging port. Aside from the ports, the Samsung DeX has a cooling fan to ease concerns about your mobile overheating while it functions as a desktop. After about 20min, I touched my phone to see if there was any signs of overheating, and to my shock, there was none. When the S8 is docked, it is receiving charge, so its a perfect way to get a quick charge in while you’re working away.

    Whats Great

    Apps are quick, and offer very little lag. Everything works seamlessly, and offers very little hassle. Anyone with common knowledge on how to navigate a computer will find the UI very intuitive and easy to use.

    You have an option to change the orientation of the app (portrait or landscape) to get a better view, whether you want to text someone or jot down a quick note. You can receive phone calls and they will be answered on speaker.

    The Opportunity Lies

    If you ever had AirDroid (or any remote connection from your phone to your computer) then you know that you can set that up and still keep $150 in your bank account. Its a cool idea, but the market is still hard to pinpoint. If its meant to be sold for businessman who can connect this to any hotel TV, then what about the regular consumer? You would need to have an extra monitor/keyboard/mouse lying around. And if you didn’t thats an extra chunk of change that you weren’t prepared to let go of.

    On paper, Samsung DeX sounds great. But its not practical. Not for those who are looking for a cheaper alternative to getting a full Desktop experience.

    I’ll have a full depth review later on this week.

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    Samsung Gear 360 – 360 Content for Live Streaming

    Looks like Eve from Wall-E.

    Two weeks ago, Samsung unveiled some great products, notably their new Samsung Gear 360, a 4K resolution 360-degree camera, adding to Samsung’s overall virtual reality ecosystem. The new Gear 360 offers enhanced features for producing high-quality content. With its lightweight design and refined lenses, this is sure to enable many content creators to capture the best moments.

    For the first time, the Gear 360 offers video recording at up to 4K resolution, letting consumers capture and share moments with friends and family. This is the first time that Samsung has a camera that is able to record high resolution content. (The older model could only go such shy of 4K) Equipped with 8.4-megapixel image sensors, the Gear 360 can also capture 15MP high resolution images.

    The latest edition of Gear 360 is compatible with Samsung flagship devices including the newly released Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy Note5, Galaxy S6 edge+, Galaxy S6, and Galaxy S6 edge. Gear 360 ALSO offers greater compatibility with iOS devices (the first time this has happened) and Windows®/Mac® computers. The last iteration of the Gear 360 could only work for Windows computers, but the inclusion of Mac/iOS, allows for more flexibility across all operating systems.

    Once we get our hands on it, we’ll write our review on what makes this so great.

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    Tab S3 Review – A little bit of everything.

    Samsung has a plethora of tablets, each with a certain niche. The Tab S Line has been known for its sleek design, beautiful sAMOLED screen, and relatively portable size. The latest Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 does not disappoint. This is the perfect substitute for those who are looking to get a Tablet with a lot of power and battery life, but rather get an Android, and not an Apple iPad Pro.

    To start, Samsung brought brought the S-Pen to the Tab S3, something that is new for the “S” line series. With over 4,000 pressure sensitivity on the S-Pen, it is certain to garner attention to serious artists or hobbyists. It works on many applications (OneNote, AutoDesk Sketchbook to name a few) and with the built in Samsung Notes, its even easier to jot down notes.

    The new keyboard cover has strayed away from Bluetooth, but is attachable similar to the Microsoft Surface and Tab Pro S. The key buttons are pushed up, so it feels great typing. I type fast and I barely made any mistakes using this keyboard. Its comfortable to take down notes and write Word/Google Doc pages. Unfortunately it doesn’t come with the Tab S3, but it comes out to be $130.

    Battery life on the Tab S3 is superb. With a 6000mAh battery, this can be left on standby for weeks without any issues. Watching movies are incredible, with built in HDR. Samsung’s partnership also proved to be useful with Harmon Kardon, as the Tab S3 has AKG Quad Speakers. Listening to music and watching a few trailers, it gives an extra depth to the movie viewing experience.

    The Tab S3 is very similar to the Tab S2 in terms of look and feel. The new tablet has the same slim silhouette as its predecessor, although it’s gained a glass covering that lends it a more premium feel. However, the back glass gives the Tab S3 a bit more weight then the Tab S2. Many can say that more weight gives it a “premium” feel.

    The Tab S3 is a great substitute for a laptop, given that you only need to do the bare minimum. For hobbyists, this can be a great addition for a portable darwing station, or for your college classes.