• My Dog Jacob

    Screamin’ Loki Vegan Dog Treats

    Jacob and I got treats in the mail from Loki!  As soon as the box came, the nose started investigating. Before I got the tape off the box, Jacob was slurping!  He tried the cookies and just went nuts!  The best part?

    They are vegan and natural with no preservatives so keep them in the freezer!

    Screamin’ Loki is a 100% vegan dog treat bakery. All treats are hand made using the finest natural ingredients such as organic whole wheat flour, organic raw wheat germ, organic flax seed, organic peanut butter, raw organic almonds and homemade applesauce. You will never find white flour, corn meal, refined sugars or hydrogenated fats in these goodies, and because they are vegan, no animal products are used. Each treat has been pooch tasted and approved by Loki, the Shiba Inu. His favorite is the Biscotti, which he rates two paws up!

    They come in Screamin’ Loki Peanut Butter Treats, Apple Pie Treats, Wild Blueberry Biscotti, Almond Pure Joy Biscotti, Peanut Butter and Carob Biscotti

    We rate Screamin’ Loki Treats 4 out of 5 bones!


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