• New York

    Massive Spring Cleaning @OxiClean EuroFlex and @Scrubbingbubble

    This confusing weather in New York can be called SPRUMMER – It is warm, cool, sunny, rainy or a combination of it all!  A sure sign of spring is the tulips in bloom everywhere around Washington Square park that I just love! It is finally warm enough to open to windows and do some spring cleaning!  Some of my favorite cleaning items include microfiber cloths, Swiffer dusters and some new items I recently discovered!

    1. OXI CLEAN – This is my God-sent, works every time, go to miracle product! Oxi Clean is great for everything from sneaker cleaning, to laundry and now even dishwashing! I have used the laundry detergent to brighten colors and get whites whiter. Incredible for pet owners like myself to get out hard to remove stains, smells without stripping the color or having to use bleach.  The Dishwasher crystals are awesome as well! If you don’t have a dish washer, you can still get this, mix about 1 tsp to 3 cups of water put it in a bottle and use it. Remember to use rubber gloves so you don’t dry out your hands or ruin your manicure!

    2. Euroflex Monster 600XL handheld Vacuum – Want to talk about small and mighty? This turbo vacuum is awesome!  It was featured on QVC and sold out in minutes – You can still get it only for $29.99. Easy to carry up the stairs, small crevices and can get all the dust from under your bed to hard to reach spots in the bathroom, kitchen and behind the TV. I use this everyday in the bathroom to vacuum up my hair and of course my dog’s hair too. It’s shedding season and the Monster is so handy and powerful – I use all the time. The compact size is perfect for apartment dwellers like myself and it comes with a bunch of attachments and extenders.

    3. Scrubbing Bubbles I love Scrubbing Bubbles because of their really cute ads and commercials. The toilet water creates a red ring in the toilet bowl because of the mineralized water in New York City. I love this stamping Scrubbing Bubbles wand I found really just by accident at the supermarket. It is really easy to use. You just push the little button on the side and its creates a stamp gel that lasts about a week depending on the busyness of your toilet and how many flushes you have per day. I perfer this to the usual blue water tablets I used in the past.

    Now put your on French maid outfit and get to cleaning!!