• New York


    Social Media and Social Styling: Can The Next Rachel Zoe Be Found Online?, Hosted by Hearst
    12:00 PM – 2:00 PM
    Hosted at the Art & Culture Hub at Hearst

    First stop, Columbus Circle! Today was the first day of Social Media Week New York.

    The first thing you do is press 44 at the Hearst elevator… Then they tell you which one to go up. K it is!

    up up we go and the view is spectacular!

    Automatic blinds and windows… Cool

    The biggest takeaway – Unless stores figure out a way to make money while they are closed, they will not be able to compete with what’s happening online and in the social space.

    Luxury brands like Tom Ford, Hermes and Burberry are careful in the social space – Do they really want to democratize their brand?

    Anyone with a genuine voice will find an audience. Keep on… See you this week!

    PS: This is what I wore…

    Kristine Welker of Hearst Digital talking about Social Shopping

    Social media enthusiasts! Yipee!