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    Dental Tips for the Everyday Girl

    I am the first one to admit that I don’t have the best teeth 🙁  So many reasons (not excuses!) to what that is.  Let me give you some history.

    So when I was young, I did have braces, headgear, retainer and all that. When my orthodontic ordeal was finally over, I wasn’t diligent in flossing even though I did brush my teeth everyday. Then I spent a lot of time travelling in Asia and has some dental work done there. I had cavities filled and cleaning as well in Shenzhen because it was cheaper. But then after 10 years, a lot of those fillings need to be replaced and I had several root canals too. Yikes!

    I rarely smile with my teeth showing as a result, even though my teeth now look fine.


    Recently, I had a molar extracted (Wisdom tooth) and then 4 crowns put in. All in all, in the last few years, I spent a ton of money on my teeth and I could have owned a Tesla for what I spent.

    Using a teeth whitening kit is a good place to start on fixing your smile. Stay away from sugary drinks, smoking  and enamel harming foods. I have even tried oil pulling using coconut and sesame oils before too.

    What are some of your dental tips?