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    She Wolf

    I woke up this morning and saw this Tweet
    adgomez: Omg…watching shakira’s new video, her body is sick!!! She has to do yoga, pilaties and extra shit! 8 minutes ago from TwitterBerry

    If you are wondering where Shakira has been lately, shes been training to be a contortionist… Maybe. She is a pretty girl with some great dance moves and an incredible voice. But like her previous songs, the lyrics dont make sense and hopefully people are so mesmerized with her hips that we won’t notice. I did.
    Yes obviously sex sells but it’s getting boring when it’s so obvious. I think there has to be something else. Something more. Check out the Balmain Mode Femmes and the one legged leotard!

    Her new album cover

    It’s a combination of Beyonce Single Ladies + Britney Toxic. I dunno I think it’s weird.

    Do you like it? See the video HERE

    Shakira’s not the first to rock one-legged leotards… David Bowie was. OMG nasty.