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    Too Cool and For A Good Cause @BangsShoes

    The BANGS Shoes Story from BANGS Shoes on Vimeo.

    Hannah Davis, founder of BANGS shoes discovered a pair of old-school Chinese work shoes while teaching English in China, which inspired the creation of BANGS Shoes.  BANGS comes from the Chinese character for the word “help,” which is spelled b-a-n-g.  When you purchase a pair of BANGS, you’re rocking sweet kicks while joining a mission of helping people help themselves.
    BANGS Shoes partners with an amazing organization called Kiva, a non-profit organization, and represents a movement toward giving people tools and training to stand on their own two feet.  BANGS are uniquely simple, funky and fun – and for men and women!  BANGS Shoes are classic yet trendy, with monochromatic styling as a signature.
    We love our Red BANGS because they’re aggressive, edgy, but still refined. Whether you need some kicks that stand out on the way to class or you’re hitting the half-pipe, these have you covered. The best part about these shoes is 20% of net profits go towards helping people help themselves.
    So what are you waiting for? Grab a pair of red BANGS and start making a difference in style.