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    Cool Tech Toys For the Futurist Kid

    Something is coming this Fall that is part old school and part futurist. It is in a category of its own and redefining what a toy can do.  In just two short years, Team Snorble has imagined a toy that is a teacher, a guide and a friend.  Many parents know that sleep training is a big part of the baby to toddler development. We all know that when a child melts down with a tantrum, it often stems from being hungry, being tired or overstimulated.

    Snorble is an intelligent companion that can help your child fall asleep and stay asleep. It is a great tool for parents who want to ensure their children are getting enough sleep. It can also help parents monitor their child’s sleep and breathing patterns. With Snorble, you can be sure your child is getting the rest they need.